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Enlisted Education Advancement Program (EEAP)
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 9-11.—Application for the Evaluation of Learning Experiences During Military Service, DD Form 295
Selectees normally attend a college or university located near their present duty station or near a major installation (continental United States (CONUS) or Hawaii). If the desired curriculum is not available or there  are  other  assignment  considerations,  for  example, spouse co-location, then other locations that have been authorized by the BUPERS are selected by the CO, Naval  Education  and  Training  Program  Management Support  Activity  (NETPMSA). Students have up to 24 months to complete degree requirements. If the degree is earned in less than the allotted amount of time, students may use the remaining time  to  work  toward  a  baccalaureate  degree. Six  years  of  OBLISERV  is  incurred  upon enrollment in the EEAP. No relationship exists between this OBLISERV requirement and the number of months of school received. For   additional   information   and   eligibility requirements,   refer   to   Article   1020357   of   the NULPERSMAN,   Regulations  Governing  the  Navy Enlisted Education Advancement Program  (EEAP), OPNAVINST 1560.8, and the most current Enlisted Education   Advancement   Program   ( E E A P ), OPNAVNOTE  1510. APPLYING FOR CREDIT FOR MILITARY TRAINING AND WORK EXPERIENCE The following paragraphs discuss the requesting of credit  for  military  training  and  work  experience,  and applying for credit for military experience by naval personnel. CREDIT FOR MILITARY TRAINING AND WORK EXPERIENCES Naval personnel may obtain academic credit  from civilian  schools  for  certain  educational  or  work experiences  achieved  while  performing  normal  military duties, as recommended by the ACE in the Guide to the Evaluational  Experiences  in  the  Armed  Services  (ACE Guide). Academic  credit  is  granted  only  by  civilian educational  institutions  and  may  be  applied  toward  the requirements  of  a  vocational  certificate,  associate, baccalaureate,   or   graduate   degree.   Colleges/ universities that participate in the SOCNAV consortium programs  award  credit  for  applicable  military  courses or  experiences. However,  academic  credit  is  not guaranteed  in  advance. The  granting  of  academic  credit  is  solely  the prerogative of each educational institution or state department  of  education.  In  selecting  schools  to conduct  on-base  programs  and,  in  recommending off-base schools, the Navy Campus education specialist makes every effort to recommend an institution that adheres  to  the  recommendations  in  the  ACE  Guide. APPLYING FOR CREDIT FOR MILITARY EXPERIENCE When  no  Navy  Campus  education  specialist  is available,  the  command’s  ESO  should  assist  and  advise personnel  to  apply  for  academic  credit  for  military experience.  Reference  should  be  made  to  the  ACE Guide  (available  through  DANTES),  which  provides  a listing of credit recommendations for service schools and  ratings. A recommendation of credit is no guarantee that the amount of credit will be granted. Neither the Navy nor ACE award academic credit. Academic credit for an individual’s  military  educational  experiences  can  only be awarded by the civilian school where the individual is seeking admission, or from a state department of education where the individual requests a high school diploma  or  equivalency  certificate. With the assistance of the ESO or custodian of military records, the service member must prepare and submit to the civilian school the Application for the Evaluation of Learning Experiences During Military Service, DD Form 295. Refer to figure 9-11. When  completing  the  DD  Form  295,  the  preparer should make sure it is addressed to the school where the applicant is seeking credit and that all military course titles,  numbers,  and  locations  have  been  verified. Complete information on this form is of the utmost importance. SUMMARY This  chapter  briefly  discussed  the  Navy’s advancement  system,  commands’  and  individuals’ responsibilities  in  regard  to  advancement,  and  the distribution of eligibility status listing to commands to notify them about personnel eligible for advancement. It  identified  most  of  the  requirements  for  advancement, the   importance   of   the   CO’s   recommendation   for advancement, service record entries for recommending personnel  for  advancement,  worksheets,  Navywide advancement  examinations,  and  results  of  Navywide advancement   examinations. 9-19

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