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Page Title: Temporary Lodging Allowance
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Variable Housing Allowance
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Basic Allowance for Subsistence
Temporary  Lodging  Allowance Temporary   lodging   allowance   (TLA)   is   a permanent  change  of  station  (PCS)  allowance  payable incident to a member’s initially reporting to an overseas PDS, detaching from an overseas PDS, or requiring temporary  lodging  under  certain  other  circumstances. The TLA is authorized to partially reimburse a service member for more than normal expenses incident to the use of temporary lodgings outside CONUS. TLA cannot be paid at the same time as OHA or COLA  except  under  conditions  specified  in  JFTR, volume 1, U9100-C4. TLA is not payable for a member or on behalf of a dependent acquired after the effective date of PCS orders during the time the member and his or  her  dependent(s)  are  initially  seeking  a  residence. The period of entitlement to TLA on departure will not normally exceed the last 10 days preceding the day of departure. Exceptions to the 10-day rule are listed in the   JFTR,   volume   1,   U9204-A.   The   overseas commander must determine that a service member meets  one  of  the  listed  exceptions  for  TLA  to  be approved  for  a  longer  period.  Shorter  periods  may  be prescribed  as  long  as  procedures  enable  an  additional TLA payment if conditions warrant. TLA  is  payable  after  the  service  member  has vacated  quarters.    Vacate  means  “when  the  personal property of the occupant has been either moved or prepared to be moved so that normal use of the quarters is prevented. As a result, dependents cannot occupy quarters. The mere vacating of quarters does not result in  reinstatement  of  basic  allowance  for  quarters (BAQ).” Refer to the JFTR, volume 1, chapter 9, parts B and C,   and   the   MILPERSMAN,   Article   2640330,   for additional  information  concerning  overseas  TLA. Dislocation and SECNAVFIND A  dislocation  allowance  (DLA)  is  payable  to  a member  with  dependents  when  the  dependents  perform an authorized move in connection with a PCS. DLA is also payable to a member without dependents when the member  is  not  assigned  adequate  government  quarters on reporting at a new PDS and occupies private quarters. A member is not entitled to more than one DLA during any fiscal year unless the Secretary of the Navy finds that the exigencies of the service require more than one PCS during the same fiscal year. This finding is refereed  to  as  SECNAVFIND. There  are  exceptions  to  the  SECNAVFIND requirement. These exceptions include, but are not limited to, change in home port, change of a ship or afloat  staff,  deactivation  of  a  ship  or  activity,  and transfer of a member from outside the United States to a hospital in the United States for observation and treatment. Refer to the JFTR, volume 1, chapter 5, part G; the MILPERSMAN, Articles 2640250 and 2640255; the Enlisted  Transfer  Manual   (ENLTRANSMAN), NAVPERS 15909, chapter 17; and the NTI, NAVSO P-1459,  chapter  9,  for  additional  information concerning  DLA  and  SECNAVFIND. Dislocation Allowance Entitlement The purpose of DLA is to partially reimburse a member  with  or  without  dependents  for  the  expenses incurred  in  relocating  his  or  her  household.  This  is  in addition to all other allowances authorized in the JFI’R, volume 1, and may be paid in advance. DLA entitlement for a service member married to another service member is described in JFTR, volume 1.  Additionally,  children  of  that  marriage  may  travel under either, but not both, parent’s PCS orders. The parent claiming dependent travel of the children is entitled to DLA at the with dependent rate regardless of which parent claims the children for BAQ. A service member who has dependents, but does not relocate them incident to a PCS, is entitled to DLA at the  without  dependent  rate  if  government  quarters  are not occupied at the new PDS. As  previously  mentioned,  only  one  DLA entitlement is authorized during a fiscal year unless the Secretary  of  the  Navy  finds  (SECNAVFIND)  that  more than one PCS requiring a DLA payment is required during the current fiscal year. This limitation on second DLA does not apply to service members ordered to, from,  or  between  courses  of  instruction  conducted, controlled, or managed by one or more of the uniformed services. Refer to the JFTR, volume 1, chapter 5, part G; the MILPERSMAN, Articles 2640250 and 2640255; the ENLTRANSMAN, chapter 17; and the NTI, NAVSO P-1459,   chapter   9,   for   additional concerning   DLA. information Family  Separation  Allowance  (FSA) The  FSA  is  payable  only  to  members  with dependents. Two  types  of  FSAs  (FSA-type  I  and 8-8

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