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Page Title: Types of Availability Reports
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Availability Reports
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Classes of Availabilities
TYPES OF AVAILABILITY REPORTS There are three types of availability reports. They are  immediate,  regular,  and  accession  availability reports.  They  are  discussed  as  follows. Immediate Availability Reports Immediate availability reports are reports that are submitted on personnel whose availability date is less than 21 days in the future. Regular Availability Reports Regular availability reports are reports that are submitted  on  personnel  whose  availability  date  is  21 days or more in the future. Accession  Availability  Reports Accession  availability  reports  are  reports  that  are submitted on personnel who are being initially gained to   active   enlisted   naval   strength.   All   accession availability  reports  are  considered  immediate. SERVICE RECORD MAINTENANCE After the availability report is submitted following guidelines   contained   in   chapter   20   of   the ENLTRANSMAN  or  the  DMRSMAN,  as  appropriate, a  copy  of  the  availability  report  must  be  immediately filed in the individual’s service record. The copy of the availability  report  must  remain  in  the  individual’s service record until orders satisfying the availability are received from the assignment control authority (ACA). AVAILABILITY SUBMISSIONS An availability report is the written communication by a command to the ACA that an individual requires assignment or reassignment. Since the ACA is not the same for all personnel, it is critical that your command prepare and transmit the availability report to the proper ACA. You may be wondering about what an ACA actually is. Well, the ACA is the organization responsible for personnel  assignments.  For  example,  BUPERS  is  the ACA   for   Rated/Designated   Enlisted   Personnel (Excluding  Training  and  Administration  of  the  Naval Reserve  [TAR]  personnel);  EPMAC  is  the  ACA  for NonRated/NonDesignated Enlisted Personnel; and the Naval  Reserve  Personnel  Center  (NAVRESPERSCEN) is the ACA for TAR personnel. TRANSMISSION  OF  AVAILABILITY REPORTS Availability reports can be sent either by DMRS or in  narrative  form  as  appropriate.  You  will  read  about which reports require which type of transmission later in this section. Let’s first look at DMRS reports. The  requirement  for  submitting  DMRS  availability reports is designed to benefit activities that do not have Availability  Reporting  and  Tracking  Module  (ARTM) or accession availability reporting capabilities. The primary beneficiaries of this system are fleet and mobile units.  If  you  use  ARTM  to  submit  availabilities, continue   to   submit   ARTMs.   Submit   accession availabilities per the provisions of chapter 20 of the ENLTRANSMAN. Immediate and regular availability reports and associated duty preferences of the individual being made available must be reported via the DMRS to EPMAC DIARY NEW ORLEANS LA as per reporting procedures outlined in section 2 of the DMRSMAN, and  using  formats  in  the  DMRSMAN,  section  15. EPMAC  transmits  availability  information  submitted via  the  DMRS  to  the  cognizant  ACA.  This  eliminates the need for the ACA to manually code and enter the availability data and associated duty preferences in the master file for the individuals being made available. DMRS availability reporting capability provides for direct  computer  input  of  availability  and  associate  duty preference information, thereby saving 1 to 2 days’ processing time over the manual method. Not all reports can be submitted via DMRS. For example, class DG (Submarine Disqualification), DZ (Special Case Avails), and F (Accession Avails) cannot be submitted via DMRS. All class DG, DZ and F avails need to be submitted in narrative form to the appropriate ACA  due  to  additional  information  that  cannot  be provided through the availability reporting features of DMRS. Classes of availabilities including D and F are explained later in this section. You should, however, refer  to  chapter  20  of  the  ENLTRANSMAN  for additional  information  and  detailed  descriptions. Availability reports for TAR personnel need to be submitted  per  guidelines  in  chapter  20  of  the ENLTRANSMAN  because  NAVRESPERSCEN  needs to see the availability report first be fore BUPERS does. Under  DMRS,  avail  transactions  automatically  go  to BUPERS  via  EPMAC. You   should   also   refer   to   chapter   20   of   the ENLTRANSMAN   for   additional   information   and 8-22

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