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Page Title: Veteran's Benefits
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Voluntary Retirement of Enlisted Personnel
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 13-13.-Navy Retired/Retainer Pay Data Form, NAVCOMPT Form 2272
submitted 9 to 12 months in advance of the requested retirement  date. NAVY RETIRED/RETAINER PAY DATA FORM Among the many forms required to be completed by the member, with your assistance, before he/she retires or transfers to the Fleet Reserve is the Navy Retired/Retainer  Pay  Data  Form,  NAVCOMPT  Form 2272  (fig.  13-13).  You  must  prepare  this  form  in quadruplicate and distribute it according to instructions contained in the  Survivor Benefits, including the Retired Serviceman’s Family Protection Plan (RSFPP) (Title 10 USC section 1431 et seq.) and the Survivor Benefit Plan  (SBP)  (Title  10  USC  section  1447  et  seq.),  as amended,  NAVMILPERSCOMINST   1750.2. The  member’s  spouse  is  required  to  sign  the NAVCOMPT   Form   2272   if   the   member   elects nonparticipation  or  reduced  coverage.  If  the  spouse  is unavailable for signature, you must forward a letter via certified mail informing the spouse of the member’s election.  You  should  make  the  appropriate  entry  on  the Application/Record  of  Emergency  Data,  NAVPERS 1070/602,  according  to  guidelines  contained  in NAVMILPERSCOMINST  1750.2.  You  should  also attach a copy of the signed statement on the NAVPERS 1070/602, and all correspondence to each copy of the NAVCOMPT  Form  2272. Make  sure  the  NAVCOMMPT  Form  2272  is completed properly and in time for the disbursing office to mail the original to the DFAS, Cleveland Center, Cleveland,  Ohio,  not  later  than  30  days  before  a member’s retirement or transfer to the Fleet Reserve. You should always refer to addendum A of the ENLTRANSMAN   for   additional   separation instructions  and  procedures. SEPARATION ORDERS In addendum A of the ENLTRANSMAN, you will find the required orders you need to prepare in various situations, such as Transfer to the USNR and Release to Inactive  Duty  of  USN  Personnel,  NAVPERS  1910/29 (fig. 13-14), and Release to Inactive Duty of USNR Personnel  (Other  than  Fleet  Reserve),  NAVPERS 1910/30  (fig.  13-15). You can obtain these forms through the normal supply  system.  Also,  make  sure  you  modify  orders  as indicated in Addendum A of the ENLTRANSMAN. Some of the information on these orders has changed; 13-24 however,  they  can  still  be  used.  You  should  make appropriate  changes  according  to  most  current information. VETERANS’ BENEFITS There  are  many  benefits  available  to  veterans.  In this section, you will learn about Federal Civil Service employment,  job-finding  assistance,  reemployment rights,  unemployment  compensation,  and  small business loans. Also briefly discussed here are the Vietnam  Era  GI  Bill,  the  Veterans’  Educational Assistance  Program  (VEAP),  and  the  Montgomery  GI Bill  which  are  all  considered  Federally  Legislated Education. FEDERAL CIVIL SERVICE EMPLOYMENT The  Dual  Compensation  Act  (PL  88-448)  governs the  employment  of  retired  military  personnel  in  federal civilian  jobs  and  the  employment  of  government workers in more than one federal job. Under  the  Veterans’  Education  and  Employment Assistance  Act  of  1976,  PL  94-502,  individuals  entering the military service after 14 October 1976 do not receive veterans  preference  unless  they  become  disabled during, or as a result of, military service. With few exceptions, such as serving in a combat area, veterans preference   in   government   employment   has   been eliminated  for  peacetime  military  service. Certain veterans with military service prior to 15 October  1976,  who  pass  examinations  for  civil  service employment, receive 5 to a maximum of 10 additional credit  points  on  top  of  the  overall  examination  score. Applicants are selected for employment from those with the  higher  numerical  ratings  on  the  civil  service examinations. The extra points are a decided advantage to the veteran. Information   concerning   federal   jobs   and examinations,  including  veterans’  preference,  may  be obtained  by  writing  to  the  Office  of  Personnel Management. A listing of the Federal Job Information Centers  may  be  obtained  by  writing  the  Office  of Personnel  Management,  Federal  Job  Information Center, 1900 E Street NW, Room 1425, Washington, DC 20415-0001. JOB-FINDING ASSISTANCE The Public Employment Service is a network of over  1,900  local  offices  across  the  country.  There

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