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Page Title: Accepting Reciepts
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Day of Reciept
Ships Serviceman 2 - How to fix and repair boats
Figure 4-1.—Accepting receipts by the receipt inspector.
is bad enough to disrupt the receiving operation, notify  the  ship’s  store  officer.  He  or  she  may  want to  reschedule  the  delivery  for  a  later  date.  This may  not  always  be  possible  due  to  the  ship’s schedule or problems with the carrier or vendor. In  case  of  inclement  weather,  you  must  take additional  steps  to  receive  the  stock.  Since  the stock   cannot   be   assembled   on   the   pier   for counting,  count  the  stock  as  it  is  removed  from the  carrier  to  the  stowage  area.  This  is  not  a desirable  procedure;  however,  if  the  stock  must be received that day, you can use ibis method to prevent  water  damage  to  the  stock.  Remember, there  may  be  quite  a  distance  between  the  carrier and   a   covered   area   so   provide   each   person carrying  stock  with  a  large  plastic  bag  to  cover and protect the stock while it is being carried to the stowage area. When  you  use  the  above  procedure  always count each line item in its entirety before you send it to the stowage area. This is done so the driver of  the  carrier  can  witness  any  differences  between your   count   and   the   amount   on   the   receipt document. ACCEPTING  RECEIPTS The  receipt  inspector  is  the  first  person  to accept merchandise. Once items are delivered to the ship, the quantities counted will be checked against  the  receipt  papers  and  the  copy  of  the requisition   or   purchase   order   in   the   Receipt Inspector  File  (SSA-23).  The  methods  of  accepting receipts  are  discussed  below. Accepting Receipts From Other Supply Officers Once  the  receipt  inspector  inspects  receipts from  OSOs  for  quantity  and  quality,  he  or  she will sign for the material and circle the quantity received  on  either  the  DD  Form  1149  or  DD  Form 1348-1.   If   there   is   a   difference   between   the physical amount received and the amount on the requisition,  the  actual  amount  should  be  indicated on the requisition and circled. The amount over or short will be accounted for by the ship’s store office,   If   the   quality   of   the   item   or   items   is unsatisfactory,  you  are  required  to  accept  it  when it  involves  receipts  from  OSOs.  The  unsatisfactory merchandise will be disposed of by survey later. Accepting Receipts From Purchase Once  the  receipt  inspector  inspects  receipts from purchase for quantity and quality, he or she will accept the material only when the quantity of the items received is the same quantity as shown on  the  DD  Form  1155  and  the  quality  of  the item(s) is satisfactory. Any merchandise noted as being unsatisfactory will be returned to the vendor and not accepted. If the quantity and quality are acceptable, the receipt inspector will receive the merchandise  as  shown  in  figure  4-1.  First,  the receipt inspector will circle the quantity received on  the  DD  Form  1155;  second,  he  or  she  will check the Inspected and Received blocks in block 26 of the DD Form 1155; third, he or she will enter the date, sign his or her name, and enter grade in block 26 of the DD Form 1155. If the quantity of the items physically received is different than the  quantity  shown  on  the  DD  Form  1155,  you may   accept   the   lesser   quantity   by   doing   the following: Record  and  circle  the  actual  quantity received  on  the  DD  Form  1155. Check   the   inspected,   received,   and accepted  and  conforms  except  as  noted  below blocks  in  block  26  of  the  DD  Form  1155. Date, sign your name, and enter grade in block  26  of  the  DD  Form  1155. If the quantity is incorrect or the quality of the items  received  is  not  satisfactory,  notify  the  ship’s store  officer  of  the  circumstances  so  the  vendor can  be  contacted. In the case of tax-free tobacco products, one of  the  following  export  forms  will  be  presented by  the  vendor  once  you  are  ready  to  accept  the merchandise. Notice   of   Removal   of   Tobacco,   Tobacco Products,   or   Cigarette   Papers   or   Tubes   from Factory  Export,  Internal  Revenue  Service  Form 2149 Notice  of  Removal  of  Tobacco  Products or Cigarette Paper or Tubes from Warehouse for Export,  Internal  Revenue  Service  Form  2150 These  forms  must  be  signed  by  a  commissioned officer,  when  available,  or  a  responsible  petty officer. The person signing the forms will specify his or her grade and title in the space marked Title and sign the forms. These forms must be returned to   the   manufacturer   or   warehouse   proprietor making  the  shipment  for  appropriate  action. 4-4

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