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Page Title: Vending Machine Coin Box
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Frequency of Collections
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Accounting for Cash Collected
After  working  hours,  the  duty  supply  officer or  another  commissioned  officer  maintains  the moneybag log. After closing the sales outlet, the sales  outlet  operator  places  the  cash  received  from sales plus the change fund in the moneybag and locks  it.  Each  moneybag  has  two  keys.  One  key is kept by the sales outlet operator while the other key is sealed in an envelope and kept in the ship’s store   officer’s   safe.   The   sales   outlet   operator delivers the moneybag to the duty supply officer or  designated  commissioned  officer,  and  both  sign the moneybag log for receipt and delivery. During this  process  the  officer  receiving  the  moneybag does  not  need  to  count  the  money. The  next  day  the  register  reading  is  taken,  the sales  outlet  operator  opens  the  moneybag,  and  the cash  is  collected. Night  Depository  Safe For   ships   that   operate   sales   outlets   after normal  working  hours,  weekends,  or  when  it  is not   practical   for   the   cash   collection   agent   to collect cash, you may use a night depository safe. This safe is used in conjunction with moneybags and locked money boxes to hold the cash within the safe. The night depository safe is secured by use of a key and a combination lock. The holder of the key will not have knowledge of the combination to the lock. The person knowing the combination to the lock will not hold the keys to the safe. Two keys are provided, one is held by the authorized holder of the key, while the other is placed in a sealed  envelope  and  secured  in  the  ship’s  store officer’s   safe. The person appointed keyholder maintains a locally   developed   log.   Each   time   the   night depository safe is opened, a log entry is recorded of  the  date,  time,  and  the  signature  of  both  the keyholder and person having the combination to the safe. Procedures for use of the night depository box are   simple.   Sales   outlet   operators   will   insert moneybags  or  locked  money  boxes  into  the  safe making  sure  they  are  fully  inserted.  The  next workday the night depository box will be opened by  authorized  personnel.  The  readings  on  the register  will  be  taken  and  cash  collected. VENDING  MACHINE  COIN  BOX The  coin  box  installed  in  vending  machines will  either  be  the  self-locking  type  or  it  will  be secured in the machine using a key-type or keyless combination  lock  as  indicated  in  the  NAVSUP P-487. For money boxes that are not self-locking, the  combination  or  key  to  the  lock  that  allows access to the coins in the coin box will be in the custody of the person making collections and will not  be  given  to  the  vending  machine  operator. The   self-locking   money   boxes   installed   in vending  machines  are  provided  with  two  sets  of keys.  One  set  is  used  to  lock  the  box  into  the machine and one set to lock the money box itself to  keep  the  coins  secure.  The  key  locking  the money box into the machine is held by the vending machine  operator.  The  key  opening  the  box  to allow  access  to  the  coins  is  held  by  the  person making   collections. Using Self-Locking Money Coin Boxes Combination   or   key-type   locks   are   not required  to  secure  a  self-locking  coin  box.  The cash  collection  agent  or  person  making  collections issues  the  coin  boxes  to  the  vending  machine operator. Before the coin box is issued, the agent should  make  sure  the  box  is  numbered  on  the outside   for   identification   purposes.   The   cash collection agent should place a car seal over the lock   opening.   The   number   of   the   car   seal   is recorded  in  the  unused  column  of  the  Cash Register  Record,  NAVSUP  Form  469. When is is impractical for the person making collections   to   collect   the   cash,   the   vending machine  operator  may  deliver  the  money  box. When the vending machine operator does this, he or she should either record the meter reading or compute  the  units  sold,  remove  the  money  box, and  replace  it  with  another.  Then  the  operator delivers  the  money  box  to  the  person  making collections.  The  computing  of  units  sold  in  the vending machine is discussed later in this chapter. Night Deposits Night deposits may be required if the person making collections is not available on weekends or after working hours. The collection agent has two  options:  (1)  deposit  the  money  box  in  the night  depository  safe  as  discussed  earlier  or  (2) turn  the  money  box  over  to  the  duty  supply  officer or another commissioned officer. When using the second  option,  develop  a  log  with  the  following columns: 1.  Date  and  time 2.  Number  of  the  money  box 3-8

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