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Assignment 3 - 14239_221
Ships Serviceman 3 - How to fix and repair boats
Assignment 3, Continued - 14239_223
3-7. During the daily collections of 3-8. 3-9. the  vending  machine,  the  meter reading was 10295. If the previous  meter  reading  was 09956 and the selling price per can was raised from 35 cents to 40 cents at the time of the last  collection,  how  much  cash should  be  collected  from  the vending  machine? 1. $115.60 2. $118.65 3. $135.60 4. $148.60 The  vending  machine  operator should  be  issued  money  boxes for use in the vending machines by  what  individual? 1. The  person  responsible  for making  collections 2. The  disbursing  officer 3. The  leading  Ship’s Serviceman 4. The  supply  officer The key that locks the money box  into  the  vending  machine will be kept by what individual? 1. The  ship’s  store  officer 2. The  cash  collection  agent 3. The  disbursing  officer 4. The  vending  machine operator In answering question 3-10, refer to the information in the following  paragraph. You  are  the  vending  machine  operator on a large ship and you are delivering the locked money box to the person making  collections. The  vending machine  from  which  you  removed  the money box is not equipped with a meter or  cash  totalizer  and  you  must  compute the number of cans you sold. At the time of the last collection there were 112 cans in the vending machine. At the time of collection there are 95 cans in the vending machine and you placed 750 cans in the machine since the last collection. 3-10. 3-11. 3-12. How many cans did you sell since  the  last  collection? 1. 543 2. 733 3. 767 4. 957 When  the  ship’s  store  officer or cash collection agent is not aboard to accept the locked money box and a night depository safe is not available,  the  vending  machine operator  will  turn  the  locked money box over to the supply department  duty  officer  or another  commissioned  officer for safekeeping. Each time the vending  machine  operator delivers a locked money box to the duty officer, what action must be taken? 1. 2. 3. 4. The locked money box and meter  reading  are  turned over to the duty officer, all cash is counted and verified, and a cash receipt is received by the vending machine  operator The money box and the keys to the money box are turned over to the duty officer, but the cash is not counted The locked money box and meter reading are turned over to the duty officer, and an entry is made in the money box log and signed by the vending machine operator and the duty officer The locked money box is turned over to the duty officer  for  safekeeping without signing for or counting the money How  are  amusement  machines aboard ship acquired by the ship’s  store  officer? 1. Purchased through a NAVRESSO  Bulletin 2. Leased from the contractor 3. Purchased using a special DD Form 1155 4. Purchased through the supply  center  using  OPTAR funds 22

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