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Inventory - 14239_47
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Vending Machine Cash Collections
inventory;  you  may  obtain  the  forms  from  the ship’s  store  officer.  You  do  not  need  to  worry about   retail   or   cost   prices   on   the   prelisting; however,  be  sure  you  follow  the  inventory  pattern. Prelist from left to right and finish prelisting one fixture before moving onto the next. If your ship uses  the  ROM  system,  you  may  be  required  to generate  or  update  the  inventory  prelisting  by identifying  ship’s  store  stock  numbers  in  the  same order as they will be inventoried. During inventory when  the  actual  physical  inventory  is  not  in progress, and on completion of the inventory, the retail store must remain closed until it has been determined that there is no excessive shortage or overage. The ship’s store officer secures the space with a numbered lead or car seal. A log of these numbered  lead  or  car  seals  is  maintained. After it has been determined that there is no excessive  shortage  or  overage,  the  lead  seal  is broken  and  the  store  is  reopened  for  business. RESTOCKING The retail store is restocked by breaking out merchandise  from  the  bulk  storeroom  on  an  Intra- Store  Transfer  Data,  NAVSUP  Form  973.  Pro- cedures for conducting breakouts are included in chapter 3 of this TRAMAN. The important thing to  remember  about  breakouts  from  the  bulk storeroom is to check every item to be sure that you  receive  what  you  are  charged  for.  If  you receive  more  than  you  are  charged  for,  you  are not  making  any  extra  money  for  the  store  because the mistake will have to be resolved at the end of the  accounting  period.  Also  this  causes  a  great deal  of  extra  work  for  the  office  personnel.  So demand  what  you  are  charged  for  and  take  ONLY those  amounts. When preparing requirements for restocking the store, there are a few basic considerations to keep in mind. Make sure you use the basic stock list  when  you  prepare  your  list  of  requirements for the retail store. As we discussed earlier, these basic  stock  items  are  considered  necessary  for  the health  and  comfort  of  the  crew  and  you  should try  to  keep  them  in  stock  at  all  times. In  hot,  humid  climates,  avoid  overstocking highly perishable merchandise such as candy bars, chocolates,  gum,  biscuits,  cookies,  and  some tobacco  products.  If  your  retail  store  is  air- conditioned, you will not have this problem. You will  be  able  to  control  the  temperature  in  your space. You should keep the temperature between 60°F and 65°F to protect all items. If your retail store is not air-conditioned or ventilation is poor, you  should  use  care  when  preparing  your restocking  list  to  avoid  overstocking  items  that may  be  perishable.  Stowage  of  and  information on specific stock items is covered in chapter 3 of this   TRAMAN. STORING FOR SEA The  important  thing  to  keep  in  mind  when preparing  your  store  for  sea  is  to  anticipate  rough weather.  Racks  and  bins  should  be  used  to  the fullest  extent,  especially  for  all  breakable  items such as cameras and watches. When these expen- sive  items  are  damaged  beyond  sale,  the  loss  is absorbed in your profits and there is no way the money  can  be  recouped.  Never  secure  the  store for the day until you have very carefully checked everything  and  are  sure  things  are  secured  to withstand any heavy seas that may develop during the night. It takes only one hard roll to bring all unsecured   merchandise   crashing   to   the   deck. Many  retail  store  operators  have  learned  the  hard way  when  they  found  themselves  putting  their store  back  together,  not  to  mention  having  to answer  for  their  negligence.  Taking  the  initial precautions and a few extra minutes at the end of each day will eliminate the possibility of any mishaps. SANITATION  AND  CLEANLINESS Sanitation  regulations  are  approved  by  the senior  member  of  the  medical  department  and issued to all sales outlets and service activities. These instructions are posted in ship’s store spaces and  must  be  rigidly  enforced.  All  merchandise, shelves, bins, and the overhead must be kept free of dust and dirt. Keep the decks clean and allow no  dirt  or  dust  to  accumulate  in  corners.  Dirty merchandise in a dirty space loses its appeal. In addition, personnel assigned to the spaces must  be  scrupulously  clean  at  all  times.  Your customer has every right to expect to be served by  a  neat,  well-groomed  operator.  Create  a favorable  impression,  and  you  have  a  customer who  is  more  easily  satisfied. VENDING  MACHINES Just like the retail store, the vending machines are  sales  outlets.  These  machines  are  another means  of  merchandising  products  aboard  ship. A vending machine (fig. 2-12) is a coin-operated 2-26

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