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Security Space Groupings
Ships Serviceman 3 - How to fix and repair boats
Duplicate Keys
The  original  key  will  be  drawn  from  the general key locker in the morning by the person in  charge  of  that  particular  space.  That  person will keep the key until the end of the workday and then  return  it  to  the  general  key  locker  in  the supply  office.  The  duplicate  key  will  be  kept  by the supply officer in a duplicate key locker or safe. All master keys to Group I spaces will be in the  custody  of  the  supply  officer.  The  supply officer  may  appoint,  in  writing,  permission  for an  officer  or  petty  officer  to  hold  a  duplicate master  key,  if  so  desired. Group II This   group   includes   all   foodservice   spaces including   the   galley,   bakeshop,   breadroom, vegetable   preparation   area,   issue   room,   meat preparation   area, refrigerated  spaces,  and foodservice storerooms. Keys to Group II spaces will be handled in the same manner as Group I except   original   keys   to   the   galley,   bakeshop, breadroom, meat preparation area, and vegetable preparation  area  will  be  passed  between  galley supervisors  as  they  relieve  each  other.  The  master key and duplicate master key will be handled in the same manner as Group 1. Groups III and IV Group  III  spaces  are  made  up  of  the  ship’s retail and clothing stores, the snack bar, vending machines, and bulk storerooms. Group IV spaces are made up of the ship’s store service activities such  as  the  laundry,  barbershop,  and  dry-cleaning shop.  Any  Group  IV  space  will  be  considered Group III when cash transactions are made within those  spaces  or  material  intended  for  resale  is stowed  there.  We  will  discuss  both  of  these  groups more thoroughly under Group III space security later in this chapter. SUPPLY  DEPARTMENT  OFFICE The  security  of  the  supply  office  is  very important  since  all  keys  to  supply  department spaces are located in the supply office. There are also  many  important  records,  documents,  and files  in  the  supply  office.  This  office  should  be secured after working hours not only to prevent unauthorized entry into other supply department spaces,   but   to   prevent   important   items   from disappearing. The keys to the supply office are issued at the discretion  of  the  supply  officer.  After  working hours,  the  duty  supply  officer  is  responsible  for making sure the office is secured. The duty supply officer   is   normally   an   officer   or   senior   petty officer representing the supply department after working hours. He or she is directly responsible to  the  supply  officer  for  the  operation  and  security of the supply department in his or her absence. THE  ROM  SYSTEM  SECURITY The ROM system is an unclassified system and is not intended to store any data that is classified. The  ROM  system  itself  should  be  located  in  an area accessible only to personnel with a need to use  the  system.  For  security  and  accountability purposes,  all  system  administrative  duties  are assigned  to  the  ship’s  store  officer,  the  system administrator. The ship’s store officer must make sure the information generated and processed by the  ROM  is  protected  from  unauthorized  access to the system. The information within the ROM is  protected  from  unauthorized  use  through  the use  of  IDs,  passwords,  and  access  codes.  Before a person can have access to the ROM system, the ship’s store officer is required to input user IDs and passwords on a need-to-know basis. Password/ security  instructions  are  contained  in  the  ROM system  TUG,  appendix  F,  and  are  distributed  only to the ship’s store officer during implementation. Any  persons  having  access  to  the  ROM  system will be listed on the ROM security access rights list.  This  list  will  be  placed  in  an  opaque  envelope and sealed, and tape will be affixed over the flap. The  envelope  containing  the  ROM  security  access rights  list  along  with  the  password/security instructions  will  be  retained  in  the  ship’s  store officer’s  Accountability  File,  SSA-21.  The  ship’s store officer will review the ROM security access rights list monthly. GROUP  III  SPACE  SECURITY Group  III  spaces  were  discussed  under  Groups III  and  IV  as  being  all  spaces  that  sell  or  stow resale merchandise in them. As an SH3, you may be the operator of one of these spaces and must know  the  security  requirements  for  Group  III spaces.  This  will  not  only  improve  your  on-the- job performance, but help you recognize problem areas  so  you  may  correct  them  before  problems arise. Working Keys and Dead Bolt Locks All doors leading to Group III spaces should have   dead   bolt   locks   installed.   This   may   be 1-8

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