Quantcast Vending Machine Sanitation

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Servicing the Vending Machines
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To prevent this damage, leaking or wet cases must be  identified  and  removed  from  the  pallet.  We  will discuss  damaged  cases  and  storage  of  different stock items later in chapter 3 of this TRAMAN. Before   you   fill   the   machine,   go   to   each individual machine and count how many of each flavor  you  will  need  to  fill  the  machine.  Do  not guess at how much merchandise you will need or you may find yourself carrying merchandise back to  the  storage  area.  Make  sure  everything  you bring to the vending machine is clean and free of damage.   Open   the   machine   and   place   the merchandise  in  its  correct  slot  or  space  in  the machine.   Nothing   is   more   disturbing   to   a customer  than  pushing  for  their  favorite  brand and  receiving  something  else.  Not  only  will  the customer get the wrong product but the vending machine operator is not always readily available to assist the customer. It is best to place a sign on the machine with your name, rate, and ship’s telephone  number  where  you  can  be  located  if  any problems  occur.  When  restocking  canned  soda machines,  do  not  forget  to  indicate  on  the  daily record   of   vending   machine   drinks   how   many sodas you have placed in the machine by flavor, if this is required. After you have filled all slots in the machine, test  the  vending  machine  for  proper  operation. It  is  very  disturbing  to  the  customer  when  the vending  machine  will  not  operate  or  will  not accept  money.  Cleaning  the  coin  changer  regularly will  help  to  prevent  contact  surfaces  from becoming  sticky  and  jamming  coins.  Make  sure all  machine  lights  are  in  proper  working  order such as sold-out lights and correct change lights. If you do not replace these burned-out lights and they  are  inoperative,  the  customer  will  put  the money in thinking the product is in the machine when it actually is not. They will probably then have  to  settle  for  a  product  they  did  not  want. If you leave the correct change light inoperative, the   customers   may   put   incorrect   change   in thinking they will get their change back and they will  not  because  there  will  be  no  change  in  the machine.  Also  place  a  sign  on  the  machine  stating the time it was last filled so the customer will know how cold the sodas might be. It is best to fill the machines about an hour before work starts so the sodas  in  the  machine  are  cold  by  the  time  the workday  starts. When  possible,  you  should  always  try  to  fill the  machine  with  brand  name  products.  Do  not fill the machine with off-brand products that do not  sell.  You  might  not  have  to  fill  the  vending machine  as  often;  however,  you  are  doing  your 2-31 shipmates  an  injustice  and  not  doing  your  job according   to   the   purpose   of   the   ship’s   store. Remember,   when   you   stick   to   name   brand products  you  cannot  go  wrong. The   most   important   factor   for   you   to remember when filling the machines is the timely scheduling  of  refilling  the  vending  machines  to make sure there is a continuous supply of products and services. Not scheduling your refilling times properly  will  result  in  empty  machines  or  columns and  unsatisfied  customers.  Remember,  you  may have to adjust your schedule for specific weather conditions.  You  sell  more  sodas  when  it  is  hot than when it is cold. On paydays, machines have a  tendency  to  empty  more  quickly.  As  you  gain experience in filling the machines, you will learn to  adjust  to  these  specific  conditions. Vending Machine Displays All product displays should be kept neat and clean  and  look  appealing  to  the  customer. Displays   should   be   changed   frequently   to stimulate  customer  interest.  Light  bulbs  for displays should be changed as soon as they burn out.  Broken  or  discolored  glass  should  be  replaced as  soon  as  possible.  Plastic  product  decals  are normally   available   from   the   company   you purchase sodas from and should be used. Never use  handwritten  signs,  if  possible. VENDING   MACHINE   SANITATION The vending machines aboard ship should be inspected on a regular basis by a representative of  the  medical  department.  Vending  machines  and the  surrounding  area  should  be  kept  clean. Especially remember to remove all trash, empty soda cases, boxes, and so forth, from around the vending machine after refilling it. The immediate area of the vending machine should be well lighted and  provided  with  a  covered  trash  receptacle.  This trash  receptacle  should  be  emptied  and  cleaned frequently. The  vending  machine  itself  should  be  mounted on  a  stand  so  it  is  about  6  inches  off  the  deck. The  reason  for  this  is  to  make  it  easier  for  the vending  machine  operator  to  clean  under  and around  the  vending  machine,  especially  when seepage  occurs.  The  vending  machine  should  be mounted  in  an  area  that  protects  it  from  overhead leakage  or  condensation  from  water,  waste,  or sewer pipes. The actual cleaning of the machine should be frequent enough so that no surface of the vending

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