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Page Title: Airlift Shipment
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Storekeeper 1 & C - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Tracing of Material
Packing of Hazardous Material Packaging  of  hazardous  materials  is  a  specified procedure. Close adherence to required instructions, publications,  and  manuals  is  required.  You  can  get assistance  from  packaging  and  transportation  personnel at  supporting  activities,  if  available.  All  hazardous material  should  be  accompanied  with  a  DD  Form 1348-1 indicating that the material is dangerous and can require   further   packaging.   DODINST   6050.5LR identifies   hazardous   materials   and   explains   the preparation of shipping documents. Magnetic Material Shipments by Air Certain  types  of  cognizance  symbol  N  material, such as magnetrons, require magnetic shielding before air shipment. Refer to the NAVSUP P-484 for basic instructions; then, obtain assistance from the ashore supporting activity. See figures 9-3 and 9-4 for examples of  completed  hazardous  material  paperwork AIRLIFT  SHIPMENT Airlift shipments are controlled by the ACA. The ACAs control all movement of air eligible materials. All shipments originating overseas are moved either by commercial air when weighing over 150 pounds or by the MAC. Such shipments must be cleared and routed by  the  MAC  or  the  respective  commercial  airline, regardless of the weight. They must also be cleared and routed  by  the  Navy  Material  Transportation  Office (NAVMTO),   Norfolk,   Virginia.   The   ACAs   are geographically located throughout the world, mainly at major   naval   installations   and   within   CONUS   at NAVMTO,  Norfolk,  Virginia.  The  ACAs  can  challenge all shipments based on certain criteria that are discussed later in this chapter. AIRLIFT  CLEARANCE  PROCEDURES Obtaining a clearance and routing from an ACA is accomplished  by  submitting,  either  by  telephone  or message,  the  complete  information  on  a  TCMD  to  the appropriate  ACA  before  shipping.  The  shipper  can release the shipment identified in the advanced TCMD if the ACA does not challenge the shipment by the coded hour and day indicated in block 15 of the TCMD. If the shipment  is  challenged,  the  ACA  can  advise  you  when to release the shipment and the method of transportation to be used, whether air or surface. AIRLIFT CHALLENGE The basic concept of the challenge program is to question  you  at  the  time  material  is  available  for shipment as to whether air transportation or surface shipment   can   best   meet   your   requirements.   The objective of the program is to make sure the needs of your ship are met while reducing the expenditures of transportation  funds.  You  can  receive  a  challenge message  on  high-priority  material.  If  so,  a  rapid response  to  the  message  can  make  sure  of  rapid movement  of  your  requisitioned  cargo. Except when otherwise exempt, all shipments of Navy  funded  and  sponsored  material  offered  for  airlift are subject to challenge. The ACA can challenge the requirement to airlift certain cargo based on any of the following  criteria: l Weight exceeds 300 pounds. . The shipment volume exceeds 24 cubic feet. . The requisition date is more than 90 days old. . Transportation charges are more than $7,500. Certain  types  of  shipments  are  exempt  from previously   mentioned   challenges following  material  conditions: . The RDD is 999. . Certain types of CASREP. based on any of the l NMCS, ANMCS, and PMCS (CASREP). . TP1/TP2 retrograde repairable. All air shipment challenges for submarine force units  can  be  addressed  to  the  monitoring  activity identified  by  the  first  character  of  the  distribution  code. SPECIAL  HANDLING  OF  MATERIAL During the clearance process, you can advise the ACA of shipments that can fall into several different categories.  Some  of  these  categories  are  listed  as follows: 1.  Shipments  that  require  expediting  (greensheet action). Greensheet is a procedure where specifically identified cargo in the MAC system can gain movement precedence  over  other  priority  cargo,  including  999 shipments.  Any  request  for  this  service  is  closely screened and should be kept to a minimum. 2.  Shipments  that  are  accompanied  by  couriers  or monitors. 9-7

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