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Page Title: Assignment 1, Continued
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Assignment 1, Continued - 14241_229
Storekeeper 1 & C - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 1, Continued - 14241_231
1-49. When making assignments for job rotation,  you  should  make  these reassignments  such  that  each  member can be in each job long enough to develop  a  sense  of  responsibility  for doing it correctly. 1.  True 2. False 1-50. Under what conditions is the most effective  form  of  supervision maintained  between  subordinates  and supervisors? 1. Mutual affection 2.  Mutual  job  knowledge 3.  Mutual  antagonism 4. Mutual respect 1-51. Which of the following styles of supervision is NOT unfair to both you and  your  subordinates? 1. When all work is performed in response  to  specific  orders  and done  exactly  as  ordered 2. When you spend a lot of time on details 3. When there is mutual respect 4. When the work robs the subordinate of  responsibility  and  initiative 1-52. Usually, what specific range of subordinate  employees  should  be directly  supervised  by  one  supervisor? 1. 11 to 15 2. 9 to 13 3. 7 to 11 4. 3 to 7 1-53. What action should you take if there are more personnel in your office than you  can  supervise  adequately? 1. Ask your division officer to transfer  excess  personnel 2. Assign the excess personnel to another  department 3. Divide personnel into two groups and have them work in shifts 4.  Divide  personnel  into  groups relating to their jobs with a petty officer in charge of each group 1-54. What does the unity of command principle  mean? 1. Having a person report directly to and receive orders from one superior 2.  Delegating  responsibility  for doing a job to one of your subordinates 3.  Supervising  as  many  personnel  as possible 4.  Limiting  the  number  of  individuals that  you  can  supervise  adequately 1-55. Once you assign someone the responsibility  to  perform  a  task, what  authorization  does  he  or  she need to complete the task? 1. Authority to establish a timetable to complete the task 2. Authority to require personnel under him or her to complete the task 3. Authority to tell supply officer upon completion of the task 4. Authority to enlist the help of another  supervisor 1-56. Which of the following procedures is generally  considered  a  poor supervisory   practice? 1. Spot-checking the work of your personnel 2. Giving accurate and clear instructions 3. Doing a great deal of observing, but  applying  very  little  thought to what is observed 4. Arranging your desk so that you can see what is going on 1-57. A successful supervisor most often performs what kind of visits with subordinates? 1. Brief and casual 2. Brief and intense 3. Long and casual 4. Long and tedious 6

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