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Page Title: Authorization
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NAVSUP  Form  1250-1
Storekeeper 1 & C - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Chapter 7 Storage Afloat and Ashore
paper  work  for  DTO  and  stock  material.  There may be times when you receive material that has no paper work. When this happens, you must fill out  a  dummy  receipt,  You  may  have  either  the stock  number  and  quantity  or  the  requisition number of the material that you have received. When this happens, you must do some research to find out if the material was ordered either for stock  or  DTO.  Next,  you  must  check  either  the material   outstanding   file   or   the   Requisition/ OPTAR  Log.  Once  you  locate  the  outstanding requisition  and  check  the  latest  status  card  to  see what activity held and shipped you the material, you  may  fill  out  the  DD  Form  1348-1.  All  you need to do is copy the information from the status card and enter it on the DD Form 1348-1. When filling  out  the  form,  you  must  write  DUMMY RECEIPT  on  the  form.  Then,  if  the  material  is a   DTO   requisition, you  should  have  that departmental representative sign for it and give him  or  her  a  copy.  If  the  material  is  for  stock, you should put the location in block 10 and then sign and date. DD Form 1348 This  form  is  used  mainly  for  requisitioning material  for  stock  and  DTO.  As  discussed  in chapter  5,  it  also  is  used  for  MVO  requests  for SERVMARTs  and  open  purchase.  When  using the  DD  Form  1348  for  walk-through  material from  a  shore  activity,  it  must  be  signed  by  the supply   officer   or   by   his   or   her   designated representative  for  bearer  pickup. AUTHORIZATION When any of these forms are used for issues, turn-ins, or bearer walk-throughs, they must be signed  and  approved  either  by  the  appropriate department head or the supply officer. They may also be signed by a designated representative. If the  form  is  signed  by  one  of  these  individuals, there should be a letter on file in the supply office stating who they are. CASREP REQUESTS Requisitions  for  CASREP  material  may  be filled out on many different forms; for example, NAVSUP   Forms   1250-1   and   1250-2   and   DD Forms 1348-6 and 1348, and you also may use a message   format.   We   will   discuss   NORS   and ANORS  CASREP  documents  next. NORS  Documents A  NORS  requisition  is  used  when  you  have to  submit  a  casualty  report  on  a  piece  of equipment that has broken down and affects the mission of the ship. The requisition will contain the  usual  requirements,  except  you  will  enter  a  W in the first position of the requisition number; for example,  W123.  In  the  M&S  block  you  should enter the code of S. In blocks 54 through 56, you will enter a T in the first position of the COG such as T9N. The project code that should be entered may  be  one  of  the  ones  listed  in  appendix  6  of the NAVSUP P-485, depending on what type of CASREP and what fleet you are located in at that time. The priority you enter in blocks 60 and 61 depends  on  what  F/AD  your  ship  is  under.  The required   delivery   date   is   usually   999.   When making out the requisition be sure to put the date- time  group  of  the  outgoing  message  in  the Remarks  block. ANORS  Requests An ANORS requisition is similar to a NORS requisition  except  that  this  type  of  requisition pertains  to  aviation  type  of  material.  As  was discussed in the immediate previous paragraph, you  should  enter  the  same  type  of  information on an ANORS requisition as a NORS. The only data  that  could  be  different  is  the  project  code because  of  the  type  of  material  that  you  are ordering  and  the  type  of  ship  that  you  are stationed  aboard. The  complete  and  correct  format  for  filling out and putting in the correct data is explained in  full  detail  in  NAVSUP  P-485,  chapter  3. 6-22

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