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Page Title: Chapter 9 Shipping
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CHAPTER 9 SHIPPING Since  you  are  usually  on  the  receiving  end  of material movements in the supply system, the job of shipping  may  not  seem  to  apply  to  you  as  an  SK. However,  when  stationed  at  shore  activities,  you  may find   yourself   becoming   more   concerned   with   the problems involved in the shipment of material. In addition, on sea duty you will encounter instances where your shipment of material can have an impact on the material availability for other fleet and shore units. This chapter provides information and guidance on shipping material by various means. It also explains those  organizations  that  are  available  to  help  you accomplish  material  movements. SCOPE FOR SHIPPING This  chapter  explains  how  you  will  make  outgoing shipments of general cargo, hazardous material, and unaccompanied  baggage.  It  is  important  for  you  to become  knowledgeable  about  shipping.  The  shortages of repairable coupled with the increased emphasis on repairable management place more responsibility on you and the supply officer to make sure the material is shipped  without  any  complications.  The  preferred method of shipping most of the material is through the mail.  You  must  plan  and  prepare  the  material  for shipment. PLANNING Shipment  planning  is  a  necessary  element  in assuring   a   successful   shipment.   Answers   to   the following three basic questions are required to make the transportation  system  work . What is the item? l Where is it going (destination)? l When must it arrive at the destination? Without this information, the shipment could be delayed en route or never arrive at the destination. The initial documentation,   or   other   source   documents,   must provide  the  shipper  with  information  to  answer  those three basic questions. If not, you should not ship the material  until  such  answers  become  available.  Mail  is the preferred means of moving material to or from the ship. However, mail should not be used for high-priority shipments   with   project   codes   ZV2,   ZR5,   or FBM/Trident   material. PREPARATION FOR SHIPMENT Material  should  be  prepared  and  packaged  to minimize   damage   during   shipment.   NAVSUP Publication  484  illustrates  basic  packing  and  labeling methods  and  explains  how  to  prepare  reusable containers  for  shipment.  This  publication  provides actual do-it-yourself packaging procedures designed for ships or stations having only limited packaging material. Some points to remember when preparing material for shipment are as follows: 1. Remove or block out all old transportation or shipping   markings   on   reusable   containers.   Item nomenclature markings should not be removed from the containers. 2. Overpack materials only when it is necessary. When you use the reusable containers overpacking is not  necessary. 3. Deliver shipments to the fleet unit designated to handle transshipment material or to the nearest shore installation  when  you  do  not  have  the  adequate packaging facilities available. Mail is the primary means of moving material from one activity to another except where restricted by size or weight. When this happens, you  must  forward  the  material  within  the  Defense Transportation System (DTS). 4. When you ship by multipack, make sure all the material is going to one activity under the same priority. When packaging the material, you should make sure the heavy items are packed on the bottom. SHIPMENT BY MAIL The most convenient method of shipping parcels is through  the  mails.  Mailable  matter  includes  any  papers or materials that are required in conducting official government business and that meet U.S. Postal Service standards   relative   to   weight,   size,   and   physical properties. Materials specifically unauthorized to be mailed  and  special  instructions  for  mailing  controlled 9-1

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