Quantcast Materials Received Less Than 60 days

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Page Title: Materials Received Less Than 60 days
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Aged Unfilled Order Listing (Monthly for the 4th through 15th Month and Quarterly Thereafter)
Storekeeper 1 & C - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Figure 3-8.—Processing of administrative cancellation.
. The unfilled orders have not matched with related  expenditure  documents  to  complete  the transaction  (partial  orders  established  will  be included  on  the  listing). MATERIAL  RECEIVED  LESS  THAN  60 DAYS.—  If the material or services for items on the listing have been received less than 60 days before the processed date in the listing, you need take no further action. Normally, these items will be automatically removed from the Aged Unfilled Order   Listing   when   it   is   processed   the   next quarter. MATERIAL  RECEIVED  MORE  THAN  60 DAYS   (BELOW   THRESHOLD).—   Below threshold  items  appearing  on  the  listing  that  have been   received   more   than   60   days   before   the processed date of the listing must be reviewed in the  same  way  as  those  previously  mentioned. Extra care should be taken to make sure the item is  not  a  partial  receipt  with  a  valid  required quantity  outstanding. If  the  material  or  services  are  found  to  be received more than 60 days before the processed date   of   the   listing, the   unfilled   order   is administratively canceled. When an item on the listing is administratively canceled, it is assumed that: l an expenditure document has already been threshold  charged  against  the  OPTAR  because  the expenditure was received at the fleet accounting office  before  the  unfilled  order;  or .  a  number  transposition  occurred  and  the unmatched  expenditure  was  threshold  charged;  or . no expenditure document has been or will be generated by the issuing activity. Atlantic   Fleet   ships   take   administrative cancellation  action  on  the  detail  cards  provided with the listing. All Pacific Fleet units and Atlantic Fleet   aviation   units   show   the   administrative cancellation action by annotating the original of the listing with the term AD CANC next to the line item concerned. The detail cards or the listing will  be  forwarded  to  the  fleet  accounting  office with  the  next  document  transmittal  report.  No entry should be made in the appropriate Estimated Cost  Chargeable  column  of  the  Requisition/ OPTAR   Log,   NAVCOMPT   Form   2155A,   for money  value  of  the  AD  CANC.  These  cancella- tions will be reflected on the next Summary Filled Order/Expenditure/Difference    Listing    as differences. The appropriate credit is applied to the  Requisition/OPTAR  Log  at  this  time. It is important to note that an AD CANC is transmitted  only  between  the  reporting  ship  or unit and the fleet accounting office and never to the  supply  activity  concerned. MATERIAL  RECEIVED  MORE  THAN  60 DAYS  (ABOVE  THRESHOLD)  (MATERIAL ONLY).— Items of material shown on the listing that  have  been  received  and  are  above  the threshold  limit  should  be  administratively canceled. Procedures for the AD CANC for these items  differ  from  below  threshold  items  in  that the  cancellation  has  immediate  impact  on  the reporting   activity’s   OPTAR.   A   credit   unfilled order is prepared for the items in the amount of and identical to the items on the listing. This credit unfilled   order   is   placed   in   holding   file   2   for submission  to  the  fleet  accounting  office  on  the next   OPTAR   Document   Transmittal   Report. After  preparing  the  credit  unfilled  order,  you should  make  the  following  entries  (see  fig.  3-8) in   the   Requisition/OPTAR   Log: 1.  In  the  Remarks  column  of  the  original unfilled  order  entry,  enter  AD  CANC  and  the month  and  year  of  the  listing. 2.   In   the   Description   column   of   the Requisition/OPTAR  Log  on  the  next  available line,  enter  AD  CANC  and  the  month  and  year of  the  listing. 3.  Enter  the  dollar  amount  of  the  unfilled order   as   a   credit   entry   in   the   appropriate Estimated  Cost  Chargeable  column  of  the  log. 4.  Enter  AD  CANC  and  the  complete document  number  of  the  original  unfilled  order in  the  Remarks  column. Neither  the  detail  cards  nor  the  listing  is annotated for items above threshold. As with the items    below    threshold,    administrative cancellations   are   transmitted   between   the reporting activity and the fleet accounting office. Do  not  report  the  AD  CANC  to  the  supplying activity. Figure 3-8 shows the entries required to properly process typical transactions on the Aged Unfilled  Order  Listing. Furthermore,   items   above   threshold   other than  material  or  services  are  never  admini- stratively canceled. You should investigate these items thoroughly and follow up with the billing 3-14

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