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Page Title: Assignment 6, Continued
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Assignment 6, Continued - 14242_314
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 6, Continued - 14242_316
6-41. 6-42. 6-43. 6-44. 6-45. 6-46. What  total  number  of  columns  are  there  on  a  standard punch  card? 1. 50 2. 80 3. 100 4. 160 The top right-hand or left-hand corners are cut on a punched  card  for  which  of  the  following  reasons? 1. To provide a visual means of identifying a type of card 2. To ensure that all cards are facing in the same direction 3. To ensure that every card is right side up 4. All of the above Which of the following forms can be used to reproduce  other  cards  for  accounting,  stock  receipt. and requisition status file? 1. DD Form 1075 2. DD Form 1114 3. DD Form 1348 4. DD Form 1348-1 What total number of different characters can be represented  by  the  “3-of-9”  Bar  Code? 1. 43 2. 44 3. 45 4. 46 Which  of  the  following  devices  provide  the  most accurate   computer-usable   data? 1.  Punched  cards 2.  Magnetic  tapes 3.  Scanners 4.  Manual  keys Bar codes can be scanned to provide key data for which  of  the  following  applications? 1. Location survey only 2.  Physical  inventory  only 3. Material receiving and location survey 4. Location survey, physical inventory, and material receiving Learning  Objective: Indicate the common types of data processing machines used in automated supply procedures and their use. 6-47. 6-48. 6-49. 6-50. An ADP installation that is capable of accepting data and  installations,  executing  instructions,  and  displaying results is usually known by what term? 1.  System 2. Program 3.  Procedure 4.  Routine The  Shipboard  Uniform  Automatic  Data  Processing System  (SUADPS)  is  presently  in  use  or  in  process  of installation aboard which of the following types of ships? 1.  Carriers,  repair  ships,  and  destroyers 2.  Tenders,  repair  ships.  and  submarines 3. Repair ships, tenders, and destroyers 4. Carriers, tenders, and AFS type ships Input into the SUADPS is accomplished via which of the following media? 1. Punched cards only 2. Magnetic tapes only 3. Punched cards and magnetic tapes 4. Perforated tape Besides  the  primary  U-1500  computer  components, there are other equipments necessary for the system to operate. What term is used when referring to this additional    equipment? 1. Equipage 2.  Subsystem 3.  support 4. Auxiliary Learning Objective: Select the correct procedures and methods used in inventory control, stock record update, and the financial records and reports required under automated  supply  procedures  for  stock-funded  ships. 6-51. What record contains all pertinent data required for the  effective  management  of  an  item? 1.  Master  Record  File  (MRF) 2. Cross-Reference File (CRT) 3.  Requisition  History  File  (RHF) 4. Financial Master File (FMF) 41

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