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Page Title: Assignment 1
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Assignment Questions - 14242_273
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 1, Continued - 14242_276
A S S I G N M E N T 1 Textbook Assignment: “The Navy Storekeeper,” chapter 1, pages 1-1 through 1-4; “Supply Organization” chapter 2,pages 2-l through 2-11; “Administration,” chapter 3, pages 3-1 through 3-2. Learning Objectives:  Recognize the general structure of the SK ratings, and the requirements and responsibilities of the SK ratings. 1-1.  The  operation  and  maintenance  of  a  ship’s  supply department requires an SK with which of the following   attributes? 1. A continuous wait and see attitude 2. A good sense of humor 3. A high degree of technical competence 4. A small degree of technical competence 1-2. The Storekeeper rating is identified as which of the following types of rating? 1.  Specialist  only 2. Service only 3. Both service and specialist 4.  General  rating 1-3. Prior to being advanced to Storekeeper 3rd class, a Storekeeper striker must acquire which of the following areas of knowledge? 1.  Specific  knowledge  of  all  department  functions 2. A detailed knowledge of those functions that an SK3 will be required to perform 3.  A  general  knowledge  of  overall  supply  functions 4. A detail knowledge of the ship’s store operation 1-4. An SK3 and SK2 may be required to perform which of the following supply functions? 1. Direct the preparation of reports to the type commander 2. Determine routine requirements for equipage and repair parts 3. Establish the procedures to be used in processing material  for  shipment 4. Account for supplies and equipage funds 1-5. Which of the following designations may be used as a Storekeeper’s  job  title? 1.  Technical  Librarian 2.  Logroom  Yeoman 3. Jack of The Dust 4.  Cargo  handler 1-6. 1-7. 1-8. Why is it important that you develop an awareness of how  your  particular  job  fits  into  the  overall responsibility of the supply department? 1. 2. 3. 4. You  obtain  a  better  understanding  of  why  you  are required to do all of the technical work performed by the department You obtain a better understanding of the separation and  distinct  responsibilities  of  your  work You obtain a greater tolerance for performing the unimportant drudgery work for the department All of the above To ensure that the reports prepared from the records you maintain are correct, you should take which of the following   precautions? 1. Check to make sure all entries are correct only 2. Make sure all entries are neat and legible only 3.  Make  sure  all  entries  are  neat,  legible,  and  correct 4. Make allowances for errors that you may forget to correct Your  responsibility  for  technical  leadership  are  special to  your  rating  and  directly  relate  to  your  work  as  an SK. 1.  True 2. False Learning  Objectives:   Recognize  the  importance  of planning and the manner in which you should plan your career and qualify for advancement. Identify publications that  are  required  and  other  publications  and  training materials that are optional in preparing for advancement. 1-9. What has been the primary source of training for enlisted  career  development? 1.  Nonresident  career  courses 2.  The  Navy’s  formal  school  programs 3.  “On-the-job”  training 4.  Fleet  training  centers 1

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