Quantcast Assignment 1, Continued - 14242_276

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Page Title: Assignment 1, Continued
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Assignment 1 - 14242_275
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 1, Continued - 14242_277
1-10. What skill(s) are needed to properly develop a career in  the  supply  field? 1. Technical only 2. Administrative only 3.  Leadership  only 4. Technical, administrative, and leadership 1-11. To obtain technical information regarding your duties as  an  SK,  which  of  the  following  publications  would be the most helpful to you? 1.  Basic  manual 2. TRAMAN 3. Appropriate official 4.  Subject  matter  training  manuals 1-12. TRAMANs are designed to do what? 1.  Establish  a  knowledge  threshold 2.  Help  you  prepare  for  advancement 3. Teach you all you need to know about your rate 4. Train you for all future assignments 1-13. Before you begin an intensive study of any part of a TRAMAN,  what  should  be  your  first  step? 1.  Read  the  preface  only 2. Read the table of contents 3. Check through the index only 4. Become familiar with the entire book 1-14. Which of the following steps should you take first when you begin to study a TRAMAN? 1. Set up a regular study plan 2. Refer to the advancement handbook for Storekeeper 3. Learn how the training manual is organized 4. Try to state the main ideas of the training manual in your own words 1-15.  After  becoming  familiar  with  the  TRAMAN,  which  of the following steps should you take? 1. Take a more detailed look at the manual to see how it is organized 2. Read the introductions, chapter by chapter. headings, and subheadings 3. Take another look at the table of contents 4. All of the above 1-16. As you look through the TRAMAN, which of the following  questions  should  you  ask  yourself? 1. What do I know and what do I need to learn about this TRAMAN 2. How is this information related to information given in other chapters 3. How is this information related to that found in the PARS 4. All of the above 1-17. After you have obtained a general idea of what is in the TRAMAN, how should you go about increasing your  knowledge? 1. Fill in the details by intensive study only 2.  Cover  a  complete  unit  each  study  period  only 3. Complete a unit each study period and fill in the details  by  intensive  study 4. Cover the same amount of material each study period 1-18.  You  can  best  demonstrate  that  you  have  mastered  the subject  matter  from  a  chapter  or  section  of  a TRAMAN by accomplishing which, if any, of the following  goals? 1.  Quote  word  for  word,  paragraphs  from  the  text 2. Express in your own words the main points of the subject 3.  Remember  pertinent  dates 4. Remember tables of data, Navy forms, and pertinent  dates 1-19.  To  effectively  meet  the  responsibilities  of  your  rate, the  development  of  high  quality  performance  requires which  of  the  following  mixtures? 1. Formal training and practical experience 2. Informal training and practical experience 3. Technical competence and pride 4. Technical knowledge and a deep sense of personal responsibility 1-20. You are studying references in preparation for advancement, Which of the following attitudes should yOu adopt toward the material? 1. Study only the sections required 2. Become familiar with as much material as you can 3.  Memorize  the  procedures  given  in  the  publication 4. Look for key words and memorize how they pertain to the subject 2

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