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Page Title: Assignment 2, Continued
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Assignment 2, Continued - 14242_284
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 2, Continued - 14242_286
2-21. 2-22. 2-23. 2-24. 2-25. 2-26. Which of the following types of written communications  are  classified  as  “correspondence”? 1. Letters only 2. Directives only 3. Memorandums and directives 4. Letters, directives, and memorandums Official correspondence that requires action should be routed  by  which  of  the  following  means  to  ensure prompt  attention? 1. Tickler tile 2. File card 3.  Check  sheet 4. Route sheet What is the purpose of a tickler file? 1. To indicate categories of supplies on hand 2. To serve as a reminder for action 3. To indicate requisitions outstanding 4. To serve as a memorandum file You are asked to assign a number to an instruction. From which publication do you determine what number to assign? 1. 2. 3. 4. A Correspondence  Manual BUPERSMAN Department of the Navy Standard Subject Identification  Codes Navy  Register notice issued by your office should be assigned all except  which  of  the  following  identifiers? 1. The originator’s abbreviation 2. The type of directive 3.  The  subject  identification  number 4. A consecutive number, preceded by a decimal point What  authority  issues  instructions  that  schedule  the destruction  of  Navy  records? 1. SECDEF 2. SECNAV 3. CNO 4. NMPC 2-27. The procedure for the transfer and preservation of records  of  a  permanent  nature  are  published  by  which of the following organizations or individuals? 1.   General   Services   Administration 2. Chief of Naval Operations 3. Chief of Naval Personnel 4.  District  commandants Learning Objectives:  Determine the purpose, scope, and use of the Federal Catalog System identify Federal stock groups and classes; and specify the location and function of the elements in a stock number. 2-28. 2-29. 2-30. 2-31. 2-32. Material identification under the Federal Catalog System  involves  which  of  the  following  actions? 1.  Naming,  describing,  classifying,  and  numbering 2.  Describing,  classifying,  numbering,  and inventorying 3. Classifying, numbering, inventorying, and naming 4. Numbering, inventorying, naming, and describing Administration of the Federal Catalog System is accomplished by which of the following agencies? 1. Naval Supply Systems command 2. Navy Material Command 3.  Defense  Logistics  Agency 4.  Department  of  Defense One  advantage  of  the  Federal  Catalog  System  is  the common language it provides to all Department of Defense, civil agencies, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries. 1.  True 2. False Materials  are  assigned  to  federal  supply  classifications according to which of the following characteristics? 1. Physical or performance 2. Relative costs 3.   Security   requirements 4.  Manufacturers’  identification The Navy uses the supply groups 01 through 09 for forms and publications that are not included in the Federal   Catalog   System. 1.  True 2. False 11

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