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Page Title: Assignment 3, Continued
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Assignment 3, Continued - 14242_292
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 3, Continued - 14242_294
3-36. The person designated to pick up material at a SERVMART  is  responsible  for  which  of  the  following actions? 1. Annotating the SSL as to quantity of each item received  and  quantity  NIS 2.  Correcting  SSL  to  reflect  current  prices,  stock numbers, and unit of issue 3. Reconciling differences between the prices listed in the adding machine tape and SSL 4. All of the above 3-37.  The  DD  Form  1348  emergency  requirements requisition used to obtain material from ships other than supply ships and tenders should contain all except which of the following entries? 1. Routing identifier 2. Document identifier 3.  Identification  of  requisition 4. Identification of source of supply 3-38. Which of the following characteristics could designate an item as controlled equipage? 1. High cost only 2. Liable to pilferage only 3. Required for ship’s mission and high cost 4.  High  cost,  liable  to  pilferage.  and  required  for ship’s  mission 3-39.  When  controlled  equipage  is  required  in  excess  of allowance for a particular operation. the requisition is submitted for approval to what person/authority? 1.  Supply  officer 2.  Commanding  officer 3. Type commander 4.  Fleet  commander 3-40. Letter requests for the procurement of installed ordnance equipment are submitted by which of the following   officials? 1.  The  supply  officer 2.  The  commanding  officer  only 3. The type commander only 4. The commanding officer and the type commander 3-41. MTR items should be expeditiously shipped to the nearest designated repair facility for which of the following   reasons? 1. A long lead time for repairs is required 2.  Items  must  be  promptly  repaired  and  placed  in supply system stock for reissue 3.  Items  must  be  promptly  returned  to  the manufacturer  for  replacements  (new  items) 4. To avoid tracer actions 3-42. Advice code 5G is used when a remain-in-place certification  is  required  for  a  mandatory  turn-in repairable  being  requisitioned. 1. True 2. False 3-43. FIRM repairable listed in the MRIL should be identified by which of the following entries? 1. MCC “E” in the notes column only 2. “FIRM ITEM” in the “MCC” column only 3. MCC “E” in the “MCC” column, and by “FIRM ITEM”  in  the  notes  column 4. “FIRM ITEM” in the “MCC” column and “E” in the notes column 3-44. All except which of the following sources are customary sources of supply for fuel oil? 1.  Commercial  ships 2.  Foreign  commercial  shore  installations  under  Navy or defense contracts 3.  Shore  installations  of  other  services 4. Other Navy ships 3-45. When requisitioning bunker fuel, the supply officer is responsible for all except which of the following responsibilities? 1. Determining the quantity needed 2. Procuring the fuel 3.  Arranging  for  timely  delivery 4. Arranging for place of delivery 3-46. What is the maximum percentage of the rated bunker capacity that a ship may take according to the NAVSEA  safety  factor? 1. 94% 2. 95% 3. 96% 4. 97% 19

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