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Page Title: Assignment 3, Continued
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Assignment 3, Continued - 14242_294
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 3, Continued - 14242_296
3-59. Which of the following items of information should be shown on a shipping status card? 1. Shipping activity only 2. Date material was shipped only 3. Mode of shipment and shipping activity 4.  Shipping  activity,  date,  and  mode  of  shipment 3-60. You submit a followup requisition on urgently needed material  for  which  the  priority  delivery  date  is  past and  no  status  has  been  received.  You  should  enter document identifier “AT” to request the supply activity  to  take  what  action? 1. Cancel the prior requisition 2. Process the followup as a requisition if they have no  record  of  the  original  requisition 3. Change the priority delivery date of the original requisition 4.  Modify  the  previous  requisition 3-61. You prepare a document requesting a supply activity to discontinue supply action on one of your ship’s MILSTRIP requisitions. This is the first step of what procedure? 1.   Cancellation 2.  Referral 3.  Backorder 4.  Followup 3-62.  When  you  receive  a  backorder  reconciliation  request, you check the listing against your records and make a report.  This  reconciliation  allows  you  to  carry  out  all except which of the following actions? 1. Learn the current status of backordered requisitions 2. Cancel old requisitions for material no longer needed 3.  Correct  supply  activity  files 4. Modify amounts ordered on previous requisitions 3-63. Which of the following parts of a MILSTRIP requisition  can  you  modify? 1. Priority and fund code 2. Priority and required delivery date 3. Required delivery date and fund code 4.  Required  delivery  date  and  quantity 3-64. Which of the following conditions must exist in order for  the  supply  officer  of  a  naval  vessel  to  purchase supplies or services on the open market? 1. There is a immediate and urgent requirement 2.  The  supplies  or  services  are  not  available  at  the local  supply  support  activity 3.  Time  and  scheduled  operations  will  not  permit procurement  through  normal  shore-based purchasing   activities 4.  Immmediate  and  urgent  requirement, services/supplies  not  available  at  local  supply support center, and time and scheduled operations will not permit procurement through normal channels 3-65. Activities afloat may not purchase specified materials including automotive equipment, boats, library books, and printing equipment without specific authority from what  source? 1. Cognizant bureau or command 2.  Commanding  officer 3. SOPA 4. Type commander 3-66. Using the purchase order method, what is the maximum  value  of  a  purchase  that  a  supply  officer afloat may be authorized to make under normal conditions? 1. $ 250 2. $ 500 3. $2,500 4. $25,000 3-67. When a purchase order is negotiated by an ashore activity, an OPTAR obligation document must be prepared. Which of the following forms should be used? 1. DD Form 1348 2. DD Form 1155 3, NAVSUP Form 48 4. STD Form 44 THIS SPACE LEFT BLANK INTENTIONALLY. 21

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