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Page Title: Assignment 4, Continued
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Assignment 4, Continued - 14242_298
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 4, Continued - 14242_300
4-21.  Material  received  without  papers. 1. A 2. B 3. C 4. D 4-22.  Material  received  “directed  delivery”  aboard  ship. 4-23. 4-24. 4-25. 4-26.. 1. A 2. B 3. C 4. D Supplies delivered to a ship by the supplying activity or vendor are classified as which of the following types   of   receipt/delivery? 1. Mail/parcel post 2. Direct deliveries 3. Consignments 4. Freight When you receive large quantities of stores at one time, you should stack them on the pier or deck until you have completed which of the following actions? 1. Preliminary identification and package counts are made 2.  Paperwork  has  been  signed 3. Supply officer inspects material 4.  Quality  inspection  is  completed In which of the following receipt transactions would the preliminary inspection/count procedure NOT normally  be  conducted? 1.  Delivery  by  a  local  vendor 2. Receipts from other supply officers 3.  Underway  replenishment 4. Material received directly from the ship’s post office Deliveries of purchased supplies are considered complete  at  what  point? 1. 2. 3. 4. When the supplies are delivered on the pier When the supplies are delivered within reach of the ship’s cargo boom When the supplies have been delivered to the place designated and a signed receipt has been given When  the  supplies  have  been  turned  over  to  a ship’s   representative 4-27.  When  you  receive  stores  from  another  naval  activity, what  type  of  inspection,  if  any,  is  required? 1. A spot check to determine if the items meet the contract   specifications 2. A through inspection of all items to determine if they  meet  the  contract  specifications 3. An inspection to determine if the items are damaged or broken 4. None 4-28. When used to refer to a person possessing Navy- owned material, the term “custody” implies that the person  is  responsible  for  the  proper  care,  stowage,  use, and records concerning that material. 1.  True 2. False 4-29. The actual physical custody of supplies aboard ship is the responsibility of which of the following persons? 1.  Commanding  officer 2. Supply officer only 3. Appropriate department head only 4.  Supply  officer  or  appropriate  department  head Learning Objectives:  Recognize the factors that should be considered in stowing material; recognize procedures that should be followed in stowing special items such as alcohol,  acid,  bar  and  sheet  steel,  lumber  and  paints. 4-30. Material custodians should always ensure that all items in stowage are legibly marked with which of the following    information? 1.  Shelf-life  code 2. Noun name 3.  Identification  number 4. Stowage location 4-31. The cognizant inventory manager establishes the degree of preservation-packaging and packing deemed necessary  to  protect  the  material  from  deterioration and damage during which of the following material operations? 1.  Shipment 2.  Handling 3. Stowage 4. Each of the above 25

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