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Page Title: Assignment 4, Continued
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Assignment 4, Continued - 14242_299
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 4, Continued - 14242_301
4-32. 4-33. 4-34. 4-35. 4-36. 4-37. What individual should supervise the relocation of material  in  stowage? 1.  Storeroom  Storekeeper 2.  Leading  storeroom  Storekeeper 3. Store’s officer 4. Supply officer Which of the following types of storerooms is/are normally used to stow case lots of frequently demanded  items? 1. 2. 3. 4. Main issue storerooms Bulk  storerooms Repair  parts  storerooms Each of the above Which  of  the  following  items  should  be  located (stowed) in a readily accessible area to facilitate periodic  screening? 1. SIM 2.   Shelf-life 3.  Hazardous 4. Heavy bulk The shipboard flammable liquids storeroom should be located  in  what  part  of  the  ship? 1. Either end of the ship above the full load waterline 2. Either end of the ship, below the full load waterline 3. At the mid-section of the ship above the full load waterline 4. At the mid-section of the hip below the full load waterline You are stowing gas cylinders that have been pressurized to 2,200 PSI. If the valve of one of the compressed  gas  cylinders  should  be  snapped  off,  what distance (in free flight) would the cylinder travel, if at all? 1. Approximately 2 feet 2. Approximately 2,200 feet 3. Approximately 2,600 feet 4. None Acetylene will explode upon contact with which of the following  substances? 1. Chlorine only 2.  Copper  only 3. Mercury and chlorine only 4. Chlorine, copper, and mercury 4-38. Aerosol cylinders will burst if exposed to a heat source in excess of what specific temperature? 1. 100F 2. 120 F 3. 140 F 4. 160 F 4-39. Items that are both radioactive and magnetic are identified in the ML-N by what SMCC? 1. W 2. X 3. Y 4. Z 4-40. What shelf-life code is assigned to items that may not have  their  shelf  life  extended? 1. Type I code (numeric) 2. Type I codes (alpha) 3. Type II codes (numeric) 4. Type II codes (alpha) Learning Objective:  Recognize the general security rules  that  apply  to  all  supply  department  spaces. 4-41. 4-42. 4-43. How often should you take action to keep your assigned storerooms in a clean and orderly condition? 1.  Quarterly 2.  Monthly 3. Weekly 4. Daily Fire  fighting  equipment,  electrical  fixtures,  and ventilation  systems  that  are  located  in  storage  spaces should be checked at least how often? 1. Daily 2.  Weekly 3.  Monthly 4. Quarterly The supply officer or duty supply officer should make a  security  report  of  the  storerooms  at  what  internal(s)? 1. Twice a day 2. Daily 3.  Weekly 4.  At  irregular  internals 26

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