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Page Title: Assignment 4, Continued
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Assignment 4, Continued - 14242_300
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 4, Continued - 14242_302
Learning Objective:  Identify group spaces of the supply department for the purpose of key administration. 4-44. Key padlocks to supply spaces should be what size? 1. 1 inch 2. 2 inches 3.  1-1/2  inches 4.  2-1/2  inches 4-45. Keys for group I spaces should be handled in what manner  at  the  close  of  the  working  day? 1. They should be placed in the general key locker in the supply office 2.  They  should  be  turned  over  to  a  watch  captain 3. They should be retained by the member in charge of  each  space 4. They should be put in a glass-front key locker 4-46. The duplicate master key for all spaces of group I should be kept by what officer? 1.  Supply  officer 2. Stores officer 3. Mess officer 4. Ship’s store officer 4-47.  A  clothing  space  belongs  to  what  space  group’? 1. Group I 2, Group II 3. Group III 4. Group IV 4-48. A master key is NOT provided for spaces of what groups? 1.  I 2. II 3. III 4. IV 4-49. Security must be maintained for group III spaces in which of the following ways? 1. 2. 3. 4. When entering a group III space, the ship’s store officer must be accompanied by two witnesses The  recorded  lock  combination  and  “setting-in key” must be sealed in an opaque envelope, which is signed across the flap by the custodian and kept in the ship’s store officer safe The  custodian  must  not  disclose  the  combination  of the  lock  to  anyone 4-50. Which of the following personnel keeps a master key (original)  to  all  locks  in  group  IV  spaces? 1.  Chief  Storekeeper  or  leading  Storekeeper 2. Chief master-at-arms 3. Supply officer or a designated assistant 4.  OOD  or  the  petty  officer  of  the  watch 4-51. The supply officer is required to maintain custody of a grand master key which will pass locks in all EXCEPT which of the following groups? 1. I 2. II 3. III 4. IV Learning Objective: Specify the preparations that should be made and the procedures that should be followed when conducting inventories. 4-52.  As  a  stock  records  Storekeeper,  you  should  request  a spot  inventory  under  which  of  the  following circumstances? 1. 2. 3. 4. An issue document is checked “NIS” and the stock record shows an on-hand balance A  requisition  status  card  indicates  a  unit  of  issue change from EA to PG An issue document shows 24 EA remaining and the  stock  record  card  balance  after  posting  the issue is 6 A particular item is a fast mover 4-53. Preparation for an inventory includes all EXCEPT which  of  the  following  actions? 1. 2. 3. 4. Disposing of all opened containers or cartons Repacking loose items in standard packs when possible Posting all receipt and issue documents to stock record cards Restowing stock where necessary to facilitate identification Each of the above 27

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