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Page Title: Assignment 4, Continued
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Assignment 4, Continued - 14242_302
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 5 - 14242_304
Learning Objectives: Identify the inventory control procedures and reporting requirements for controlled equiprnent. 4-64.  Controlled  equipage  consists  of  shipboard  items selected or approved by which of the following officials? 1.  Fleet  supply  officers 2. Chief of Naval Material 3 Fleet commanders in chief 4. Chief of Naval operations 4-65.  If  the  commanding  officer  does  not  consider  the “CEIL” to be sufficiently inclusive, which of the following actions can be taken? 1, Designate additional equipage as required “controlled   equipage” 2. Designate as additional controlled equipage only those  items  that  will  also  be  designated  as “signature required” 3. Designate as additional controlled equipage only those  items  that  will  also  be  designate  as “nonsignature   required” 4. Forward a request to the type commander requesting that additional items be added to the “CEIL” 4-66. The Controlled Equipage Custody Record also serves as which of the following other types of records? 1.  Expenditure 2.  Maintenance 3.  Invcntory  control 4.  Consumption 4-67. What total number of copies of a Controlled Equipage Custody Record should be prepared when only one department has responsibility for the item indicated? 1. An original only 2. An original and one copy 3. An original and two copies 4. An original and three copies 4-68.  The  original  Controlled  Equipage  Custody  Record must be retained by which of the following individuals? 1.  Storeroom  Storekeeper 2. Supply officer 3.  Equipage  custodian 4.  Commanding  officer 4-69.  Each  new  balance  on  a  “signature  required”  controlled equipage custody record must be attested to by the signature of which of the following individuals? 1. Commanding officer only 2. Supply officer only 3. Commanding officer and supply officer 4. Responsible head of the department 4-70. An inventory of all controlled equipage is taken annually during what specific time period? 1. 15 February- 15 March 2. 15 June - 15 July 3. 15 September - 15 October 4. 15 December - 15 January 4-71. Normally. an inventory of the controlled equipage in the custody of the supply department should be made under which of the following circumstances? 1. The supply officer is being relieved 2.  The  stores  officer  is  being  relieved 3. The ship is scheduled for deployment 4. The ship is undergoing shipyard overhaul 4-72.  Responsibility  for  conducting  the  annual  inventory  of controlled equipage rests with which of the following individuals? 1. The supply officer 2. All heads of departments 3. The controlled equipage Storekeeper 4. A officer designated by the commanding officer 4-73. During inventory, controlled equipage is discovered to be missing. Which of the following actions must the inventory officer take first? 1.  Prepare  a  letter  of  explanation 2. Reduce the allowance on the officer’s copy of the NAVSUP 306 3. Conduct a recount and/or investigative research 4. Procure a replacement item 4-74.  A  type  commander’s  deficiency/excess  program provides  for  management  of  controlled  equipage  assets in  which  of  the  following  ways? 1.  Affords  ready  visibility  of  deficiencies  and excesses  only 2. Matches deficiencies to excesses only 3.  Facilitates  redistribution  and  affords  ready visibility of excesses only 4. Affords ready visibility, matches deficiencies and excess, and facilitates redistribution 29

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