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Page Title: Assignment 5
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Assignment 4, Continued - 14242_303
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 5, Continued - 14242_305
ASSIGNMENT 5 Textbook Assignment: “Inventory Management”— continued, chapter 7, pages 7-9 through 7-18; “Material Expenditures,” chapter 8, pages 8-1 through 8-14, Appendix I, and “Accounting Classification,” chapter 9, pages 9-1 through  9-8:  “Afloat  Accounting  and  Reporting.”  chapter  10,  pages  10-1  through  10-2. Learning Objectives: Define selected item management (SIM) and describe the management procedures required. 5-1. All EXCEPT which of the following actions is a SIM repair part inventory management requirement? 1. 2. 3. 4. Maintaining joint tile of SIM and non-SIM stock records Maintaining close and continuing attention to details submitting a quarterly stock status review Submitting a semiannual inventory 5-2. Which of the following items of information makes it possible for the supply department to maintain sufficient amounts of material on hand to support the ship during deployments? 1.  Stock  records 2. Load lists 3.  Spot  inventories 4. Inventory schedules 5-3. Ships that have completed a SOAP/ILO since July 1974 should maintain what color of stock record cards for “Q” COSAL items? 1. Red 2.  Green 3. Buff 4. Blue 5-4. Use of which of the following tiling equipment is recommended for filing SIM stock record cards? 1. Card tile trays 2. Card tile drawers 3. Card tile boxes 4. Each of the above 5-5. When the original stock record card is filled up and a new card must be prepared, any outstanding requisition appearing on the original card must be treated in what way? 1. Canceled and resubmitted 2. Transferred to the new card 3. Completed (material received) before the original card is filed 4.  Transferred  to  a  special  outstanding  requisition  log 5-6. When should you post receipts to the stock record cards? 1. 2. 3. 4. On the last day of the month in which the material is  received Daily  as  material  is  received Daily  as  requisitions  are  prepared Weekly  as  you  post  issues 5-7. Which of the following data elements on a receipt document should be compared with those on the stock record card? 1. Unit price, COG, and NSN 2. Unit of issue, storage location, and NSN 3. Quantity received with quantity requisitioned and NSN 4. All of the above 5-8. What action, if any, should be taken on the outstanding  requisition  portion  of  the  stock  record card when partial shipment is received? 1. Cross out the requested quantity and enter the remaining   quantity   due 2. Make out a new stock record card 3. Enter the requisition number and leave the quantity blank 4. Take no action until the receipt is complete 5-9. When there is a change in the unit of issue, it may require a change in which of the following factors? 1. The quantity on hand 2. The high and low limits or allowance 3.  The  demand  quantity 4. All of the above 30

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