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Page Title: Assignment 5, Continued
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Assignment 5, Continued - 14242_307
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 5, Continued - 14242_309
5-41. Appropriations are placed in what order as to their status? 1. Current, lapsed, expired 2. Current, expired, lapsed 3.  Lapsed,  current,  expired 4. Expired, lapsed, current 5-42.  At  the  end  of  their  availability  period.  the  unliquidated obligations of annual and/or multiple-year appropriations  are  transferred  to  which  of  the following  government  agencies? 1. Treasury 2.  Defense 3.  Navy 4. Civil Defense 5-43. The third digit in the appropriation symbol on an accounting  document  covering  charges  and  credits  to funds  provides  which  of  the  following  items  of information? 1. Type of fund 2. Fiscal year 3. Particular fund 4. Department administering the fund 5-44.  The  first  two  digits  of  symbol  17X4911  indicate  that the appropriation is administered by which of the following   agencies? 1. Defense Department 2.  Comptroller  of  the  United  States 3. Bureau of Naval Personnel 4. Navy Department 5-45. The letter “X” in the appropriation symbol 17X1832 provides  what  specific  information? 1. Bureau or office to which the appropriation is assigned 2.  Government  department  administering  the appropriation 3. No fiscal year limitations 4. Specific purpose of the appropriation within a bureau or office 5-46.  The  systems  command  that  administers  a  Navy appropriation is indicated in the accounting code by which  of  the  following  sets  of  digits? 1. The first six digits 2. First two digits of the appropriation number subhead 3. Last three digits of the fund symbol 4. First two digits of the appropriation number 5-47. What type of fund is reimbursed in an amount equal to  each  expenditure? 1. Trust 2.  General 3.  Special 4.  Revolving 5-48. What fund is used to procure stocks of common supply  items  carried  in  the  Navy  Stock  Account (NSA)? 1. Navy Industrial Fund 2.  Naval  Working  Fund 3.  Defense  Business  operations  Fund 4.  Navy  Management  Fund 5-49. Within the Navy, control of the Defense Business operations Fund is the responsibility of which of the following  individuals? 1.  Chief  of  Naval  Material 2. Chief of Naval Operations 3. Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command 4.  Secretary  of  the  Navy 5-50.  All  except  which  of  the  following  transactions  would cause a charge against the Defense Business Operations  Fund? 1. NSA losses by accounting, survey, or sale not properly charged to an appropriation 2. Payment of claims approved by the General Accounting Office (GAO) 3.  Donations  of  surplus  NSA  material  for  public health  and  educational  purposes 4. Cash sales from the NSA to foreign governments 5-51. Which of the following symbols represents the Defense  Business  Operations  Fund? 1. 17X4912 2. 17X4888 3. 17X4911 4. 1711804 5-52. What is the inventory account title for material purchased by the Defense Business Operations Fund and held until needed by a Navy customer? 1.  Navy  Stores  Account 2. Navy Stock Account 3.  Appropriation  Purchase  Account 4. Stores Inventory Account 34

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