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Page Title: Assignment 6
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Assignment 5, Continued - 14242_310
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 6, Continued - 14242_312
A S S I G N M E N T 6 Textbook Assignment: “Afloat Accounting and Reporting”- continued, chapter 10, pages 1O-2 through 10-39 and “Automated Supply,” chapter 11, pages 11-1 through 11-7. Learning Objectives: Specify the actions to be taken by the accounting Storekeeper in maintaining OPTAR records and  files;  recognize  the  effects  of  those  actions  (continued from  assignment  5). 6-1. What record is maintained by each ship to record the value of request documents that are chargeable against the type commander’s operating budget? 1. 2. 3. 4. OPTAR  Document  Transmittal  Report, NAVCOMPT Form 2156 BUDGET/OPTAR  Report,  NAVCOMPT  Form 2157 Requisition/OPTAR  Log,  NAVCOMPT  Form  2155 Single-Line  Item  Consumption/Management Document, NAVSUP Form 1250-1 6-2. Maintenance of the Requisition/OPTAR Log for FY 1996 is discontinued after what specific date? 1. 30 JUN 1996 2. 31 MAR 1997 3. 30 JUN 1998 4. 31 DEC 1999 6-3. What form is prepared as the unfilled order document for all transactions that result in a charge to the OPTAR? 1. 2. 3. 4. 6-4. At 1. 2. 3. 4. NAVSUP Form 44 STD Form 44 DD Form 1348 NAVCOMPT Form 2155 what point do unfilled orders become filled orders? When the material is issued by the supply activity When the material is received aboard ship When receipt documents are matched with the material  outstanding  file When  matched  with  expenditure  documents  by  the Defense  Accounting  Office Learning Objectives: Specify the actions to be taken by the accounting Storekeeper in maintaining OPTAR records and files; recognize the effects of these actions. 6-5. How many line entries must be made when you are posting a SERVMART pickup to the Requisition/OPTAR Log? 1. One entry for each fund code charged 2.  One  entry  for  each  item  obtained 3. One entry for DTO and one for stock replenishment 4.  One  entry  for  each  department  requesting  material 6-6. Where on the Budget/OPTAR Report do you enter the net  total  obligations  for  the  month? 1. Part I 2. Part II, Caption A 3. Part II, Caption D 4. Part III 6-7. If your type commander directs that certain additional information  be  included  in  the  current  fiscal  year’s Budget/OPTAR Report message, where should this information appear on the report? 1. Subparagraph F of paragraph 1 2. Subparagraph F of paragraph 2 3. Subparagraph G of paragraph 1 4. Subparagraph G of paragraph 2 6-8. The Budget/OPTAR Report message reports on the prior  year’s  OPTAR  during  what  months? 1. March through August 2. July through December 3. October through December 4. October through March 6-9. When the first prior year’s OPTAR is reported upon, what data will be included? 1. 2. 3. 4. Obligation,  transmittal,  grants  FYTD,  and SFOEDL  processed  data Obligation,   transmittal   only Obligation,  transmittal,  and  grants  FYTD  only Obligation, transmittal, and SFOEDL processed only 37

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