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Page Title: Assignment 6, Continued
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Assignment 6, Continued - 14242_312
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 6, Continued - 14242_314
6-19. To complete a “Code A“ annotation in the “remarks” column  of  the  SFOEDL,  the  OPTAR  recordskeeper should  make  which  of  the  following  entries? 1. 2. 3. 4. UIC of the supplying activity, quantity received, and the total receipt price only UIC of the supplying activity, quantity received, total  receipt  price,  and  Julian  date  of  onboard receipt UIC  of  your  ship,  quantity  received,  total  receipt price only UIC  of  your  ship,  quantity  received,  total  receipt price,  and  Julian  date  of  onboard  receipt 6-20.  The  posting  of  the  difference  totals  to  the  OPTAR Log and the processing of the transactions on the SFOEDL must be completed within at least how many days  after  receipt? 1. 5 days 2. 10 days 3. 15 days 4. 20 days 6-21. The unmatched expenditures that have a value less than “threshold” are itemized on what kind of listing? 1.  Unmatched  Expenditure  Listing 2. Unmatched Expenditure less than Threshold Listing 3.  SFOEDL 4. Addendum to the SFOEDL 6-22. The Aged Untitled Order Listing(AUOL) is sent to your ship by the DAO how Often? 1.  Monthly 2. Quarterly 3. Semiannually 4.  Annually 6-23.  As  the  OPTAR  recordskeeper,  what  should  be  your first  step  in  processing  an  AUOL? 1. 2. 3. 4. Determine the completion status of the requisition related  to  the  filled  orders Compute the date of the thirtieth (30) day preceding  the  listing’s  “Processed”  date Compute the date of the sixtieth (60) day after the listing’s  “Processed”  date Determine the completion status on the requisition related to the unfilled orders 6-24. 6-25. 6-26. After computing the date of the sixtieth (60) day preceding the AUOL “processed” date and checking the “Date MAT’L RECD” column of the corresponding OPTAR Log entries, the OPTAR recordskeeper  should  divide  the  unfilled  orders  into how  many  categories? 1. One 2.  Two 3. Three 4.  Four On what list should the OPTAR recordskeeper record an “AD CANC” that is listed on the AUOL? 1.  Confirmed  Cancellations  List 2.  Unmatched  Expenditure  List 3. SFOEDL 4. SAUOL Within how many days after being received on board should the AUOL be processed? 1. 10 days 2. 20 days 3. 30 days 4. 60 days Learning Objective:  Specify the use of various summaries covering material transfers, reporting procedures, and the effect of material transfers on OPTAR balance. 6-27. If you transfer material to another ship on 12 OCT, when  should  the  summary  be  submitted? 1. By 5 NOV 2. By 12 NOV 3. On 31 DEC 4. On 20 OCT 6-28. Each summary must be submitted with a copy of the invoice, DD Form 1348, DD Form 1348-1, DD Form 1149 or which of the following other items? 1. 2. 3. 4. Detailed   handwritten   listing Detailed automated listing Grouped and taped by operating budget Grouped and taped by UIC and fund code relating to  the  expense  account 39

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