Quantcast Assignment 7, Continued - 14242_319

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Page Title: Assignment 7, Continued
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Assignment 7 - 14242_318
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 7, Continued - 14242_320
7-10. Serial number 2030 on a stock replenishment requisition  indicates  that  the  material  is  marked  for which of the following locations? 1. Medical department stock 2.  Storeroom  stock 3. Ship’s store stock 4.  A  shipboard  department 7-11. A caption code is used on an input document to classify it under which of the following terms? 1. Receipts 2. Actions that do not affect stock balances 3. Financial report captions 4.  Expenditures 7-12. Which of the following actions is the final step in updating stock records in the EDP system? 1. Applying the transaction to the master tape 2. Filing the transaction cards in the monthly reports 3. Applying the original stock balance card to the transaction   tape 4. Applying the NAVSUP Form 1114 information to the master tape 7-13. Which of the following ADPE assists in providing the mechanical means to operate the SNAP II system? 1. AN/UYK-62(V) (H-300) computer only 2. Communications subsystem only 3. Both 1 and 2 4. System management subsystem 7-14. Which of the following software/files is a SNAP 11 subsystem? 1. SMS only 2. MDS only 3. SMS and MDS only 4. SMS, MDS and SFM 7-15. Which of the following people can be considered operators of SNAP II remote terminals? 1.  Ships  administrative  personnel  only 2. Graduates from a class “C” school only 3. An SKSN 4. Customers of the system 7-16. Which of the following types of ships is stock funded? 1. Carrier 2. Destroyer tender 3. Minesweeper 4. Cruiser 7-17. On a stock-funded ship, stock replenishment requirements are not charged to the OPTAR but are accounted for by which of the following methods? 1. Issues between supply officers within the Navy Stock Account 2.  Transfers  between  supply  officers  within  the  Navy Stock Account 3 Charges to the departmental budgets 4. Charges to the TYCOM allotments 7-18. The departmental Budget/OPTAR Report is prepared using information from what specific source’? 1.  Master  Stock  Record 2. Financial Master File 3. Master Accounting and Validation File 4.  Transaction  History  File Learning  Objective:   State  the  use  and  documentation necessary for the proper functioning of the Maintenance and  Material  Management  System  (3-M). 7-19.  The  Navy  Maintenance  and  Material  Management System (3-M) was developed to increase the Navy’s effectiveness  in  what  areas? 1. Recording, reporting, and evaluating the maintenance requirements of the fleet 2.  Determining  where  maintenance  hours  and materials  were  being  used 3.  Determining  maintenance  being  performed  on specific  equipments  and  evaluating  equipment’s performance 4. Recording equipment failure and maintenance hours  extended  on  certain  ships 7-20.  The  3-M  System  endeavors  to  develop  more  of  what type  of  maintenance  actions? 1.  Preventive  maintenance 2.  Corrective  maintenance 3. Planned maintenance 4.  Deterrent  maintenance 45

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