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Page Title: Assignment 7, Continued
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Assignment 7, Continued - 14242_319
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 7, Continued - 14242_321
7-21. 7-22. 7-23. 7-24. 7-25. 7-26. The 3-M Systems provides a means to continuously report  what  type  of  maintenance  data? 1. 2. 3. 4. Equipment  downtime  only Repair  parts  used  per  equipment  only Maintenance personnel requirements and equipment downtime only Maintenance  personnel  requirements,  repair  parts used, and equipment downtime Which of the following components make up the Maintenance Data System? 1.  AMS  only 2. IMMS only 3. AMS and IMMS 4. IEM The Planned Maintenance System (PMS) was developed for what purpose? 1. To determine the frequency of maintenance 2.  To  determine  all  maintenance  actions  for  each equipment 3. To determine maintenance actions performed on each ship while inport 4. To determine maintenance actions performed on each ship while underway Which of the following forms provides a means of documenting  maintenance  actions  taken? 1. DD Form 1348 2. OPNAV Form 4790/2K 3.  OPNAV  Form  4790/2L 4. OPNAV Form 5010 Information required for the sorting and classifying maintenance  data  can  be  found  on  which  side  of  the following   documents? 1. OPNAV Form 4790/2K only 2. Issue documents only 3. OPNAV Form 4790/2K and Issue documents 4.  Stock  record  cards All request documents for repair parts used in maintenance  actions  must  contain  which  of  the following  data  elements? 1. 2. 3. 4. All data elements necessary for MDS processing only All data elements necessary for recording repair parts  issued  only All data elements necessary to estimate funding All data elements necessary for reporting consumption  to  higher  authority 7-27. 7-28. 7-29. 7-30. 7-31. 7-32. The supply department is responsible for which of the following functions of the 3-M Systems? 1. 2. 3. 4. At Issuing material required for maintenance actions only Ensuring  that  the  3-M  data  issue  documents  are correct  only Ensuring  3-M  data  on  issue  documents  are  correct and issuing material required for maintenance action Ensuring the proper function of the 3-M System what  point  will  a  well-run  supply  department ensure  that  the  3-M  data  on  a  material  request  is complete  and  accurately  prepared? 1. Upon receipt of material requests by the SSC 2. Before submitting 3-M reports 3. When material for stock must be reordered 4.  Before  forwarding  material  requests  to  SSC What 3-M data code on a material request document identifies the type of equipment and its use aboard ship? 1. APL 2. EIC 3. JCN 4. JSN What 3-M data code(s) identify(ies) a specific item of equipment? 1. APL only 2. AEL only 3. APL and AEL 4. EIC Which code(s) on a material request will furnish the complete  identification  required  for  a  particular equipment? 1.  APL/AEL  only 2. EIC only 3. EIC and APL/AEL 4. JSN and EIC On MDS forms submitted to your TYCOM, positive ship identification is provided by what 3-M data code(s)? 1. UIC 2. EIC 3. CID 4. JSN and EIC 46

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