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Page Title: Assignment 8, Continued
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Assignment 8, Continued - 14242_328
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 8, Continued - 14242_330
8-38. A DD Form 1387-1 for priority group 2 should have what  type  of  border? 1. Red 2. Blue 3. Plain 4. Green 8-39. A DD Form 1387-1 for priority group 3 should have what  type  of  border? 1. Red 2. Blue 3.  Plain 4. Green 8-40.  Which  of  the  following  materials  are  considered hazardous? 1. Explosives only 2. Flammable liquids only 3. Corrosives only 4. Corrosives and magnetic materials Learning Objective: Select, complete, and interpret basic  cargo  documents  used  to  standardize  procedures  for shipping  military  cargo;  recognize  methods  of  loading  and stowing cargo to prevent loss or damage and to simplify unloading. 8-41. What document shows the location of all cargo aboard? 1. Cargo Manifest Recapitulation 2. Cargo Stowage Plan 3. Transportation Control and Movement Document 4. Cargo Manifest 8-42. On the stowage plan what type of measurements are used to indicate the size of cargo? 1. 2. 3. 4. Pounds and feet Long  tons  and  measurement  tons Long  tons  and  short  tons Kilos and meters 8-44. 8-45. 8-46. 8-47. 8-48. Each loading activity prepares a separate manifest for which  of  the  following? 1.  Each  discharge  port 2.  Each  hatch  location 3.  Each  consignee 4. Each of the above Which of the following items of information is NOT shown on the Cargo Manifest Recapitulation? 1. Name of ship 2. Status of the ship 3. Location and type of cargo for any given port 4. Location and destination of mail only All  EXCEPT  which  of  the  following  procedures  must be  performed  in  receiving  fleet  freight? 1. Conduct a check for evidence of damage or pilferage 2. Verify the contents of each container 3. Check the piece count quantities with quantities shown on the invoices 4.  Receipt  for  all  material  accepted  as  freight The term, fleet freight, is normally used to refer to material  carried  by  cargo  ships  only. 1.  True 2. False Under which of the following circumstances may the requisitioner request the shipping activity to institute a MILSTRIP tracer? 1. 2. 3. 4. Before supply status has been received under MILSTRIP After supply status has been received under MILSTRIP only After  the  time  frame  for  material  receipt  has passed only After supply status has been received under MILSTRIP and the time frame for material receipt has passed 8-43. For what reason are stowage plans color coded? 1. To indicate the type of cargo on board 2. To identify the various types of lifts 3. To identify the categories of danger cargo 4. To identify the port of discharge 55

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