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Page Title: Chapter 8 Material Expenditures
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Posting Receipts (and Issues) of SIM DTO Material
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Figure 8-1.—Example of an Expenditure Record Log for other than MTR items.
CHAPTER 8 MATERIAL EXPENDITURES The   effectiveness   of   a   supply   department   is measured  primarily  by  its  response  to  the  requirements of other departments. Within the supply department your effectiveness will be measured by your overall performance.   Personnel   from   other   departments, however, will see only your response to their needs. This  response  begins  with  material  identification  and ends  with  material  expenditure.  This  chapter  discusses the   types   of   expenditures   and   explains   your responsibilities in the supply function. TYPES OF EXPENDITURES In this chapter we are concerned with the material held   in   supply   department   storerooms   and   its expenditure. Expenditure is any act which results in a decrease in Navy assets (material or funds). There are three  ways  of  expending  material:  (1)  issue,(2)  transfer, and (3) survey. (Refer to the glossary for the definition for  these  terms.)  Of  these  three,  issues  are  of  primary importance  to  the  ship. When   a   survey   is   approved,   it   becomes   an expenditure document and will be assigned a serial number m the expenditure document series. EXPENDITURE DOCUMENT NUMBERING SYSTEM Expenditure   documents   will   be   numbered   in accordance  with  the  Military  Standard  Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP) numbering system. The document number consists of the service designator code,  the  ship’s  unit  identification  code  (UIC),  the four-digit  Julian  date,  and  a  four-digit  serial  number. For  example:  If  the  volume  of  expenditure  documents or the location and size of physical facilities warrants, the serial numbers may be divided into separate blocks of  numbers  for  assignment  to  categories,  such  as ordnance, food, ship’s stem, and clothing items, and other expenditures. Expenditure document numbers will  not  duplicate  document  numbers  assigned  to requisitions  unless  the  requisitions  are  for  replacement mandatory turn-in repairable (MTR) items. Through the  fiscal  year,  all  serial  numbers,  except  for  MTR items, run consecutively within each block for each type of  expenditure. EXPENDITURE  RECORD  LOG The  expenditure  record  log  is  used  to  control expenditure  document  number  assignments  and  to provide  a  record  of  all  expenditures.  The  expenditure record log is divided into two segments described as follows: Expenditures,   Except   for   MTR   Items—This section of the expenditure record log will be maintained for  recording  all  transfers  and  surveys.  If  the  ship assigns  blocks  of  serial  numbers  this  segment  will  be subdivided  to  include  a  separate  section  for  each material  category.  The  serial  numbers  in  each  section will run consecutively throughout the fiscal year. An example  of  an  Expenditure  Record  Log  for  other  than MTR items is shown in figure 8-1. MTR items—This section will be maintained for recoding all shipments of unserviceable MTR items. Document  numbers  in  this  section  will  duplicate document   numbers   assigned   to   replacement requisitions. An   example   of   the   shipment   of unserviceable  MTR  items  Expenditure  Record  Log  is shown in figure 8-2. EXPENDITURE  INVOICE  FILES The   expenditure   invoice   file   will   contain   the original of each expenditure invoice prepared by the ship, or a copy if the original is required elsewhere. Internal  issue  documents,  NAVSUP  Forms  1250-1,  will not be included in the expenditure file. Expenditure invoices  will  be  filed  by  expenditure  document  number. However,  expenditure  invoices  for  MTR  items  will  be placed on the opposite side from other expenditure invoices.  The  expenditure  invoice  file  will  be  retained for 1 year after completion of transfer or survey action. ISSUES Heads of departments have authority to request material   for   the   operation   of   their   respective departments,  Normally,  department  heads  authorize someone in the department to submit issue requests and receive material. This may be done by submitting a list to the supply officer, naming the individuals authorized. The department head may use a credit card system that 8-1

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