Quantcast Figure 7-13.-Example of the <a href="http://navyadministration.tpub.com/10287f/css/Posting-10287F_89-89.htm">posting</a> of partial quantities to stock records.

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Page Title: Figure 7-13.-Example of the posting of partial quantities to stock records.
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Figure 7-11.—An example of a posting action for a substitute item
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Storage  Location
Figure 7-13.-Example of the posting of partial quantities to stock records. Only the requisitioned quantity will be posted to the stock record as a receipt. The excess quantity, with a copy of the Report of Discrepancy (ROD) attached, will be  set  aside  pending  disposition  instructions  from  the action addressee of the ROD. Receipt Overages of $100 or Less—When a receipt overage  does  not  exceed  $100  or  involve  controlled material, the total quantity received will be stored and posted to the stock record. However, if retention of the excess quantity is not desired and the ship is in the vicinity of the issuing activity, the excess material will be returned in accordance the NAVSUP P-485. Only the retained quantity will be posted to stock records as a receipt. If retention of a receipt overage is not desired when the ship is not in the vicinity of the issuing activity, the  total  quantity  received  will  be  posted  to  the  stock record. Then the excess quantity will be transferred to an  ashore  supply  activity  in  accordance  with  the NAVSUP  P-485. Receipt Shortages in Excess of $1OO—A receipt shortage exists if the receipt quantity is less than that invoiced. When a receipt shortage exceeds $100 per line item, or it involves controlled material, the actual receipt quantity will be posted to the stock record in accordance with the above subparagraph on “partial Quantity   Received,   Balance   Due.”   The   deficient quantity will be reported as a receipt discrepancy in accordance with the NAVSUP P-485. A copy of the Report  of  Discrepancy  (ROD)  and  the  applicable receipt document then will be held in the material outstanding file until replacement material or a credit invoice is received. If the reply to the ROD is negative, refer to “receipt shortage of $100 or less.” Receipt  Shortage  of  $100  or  less—When  a  receipt shortage   which   does   not   exceed   $100   or   involve controlled  material  cannot  be  reconciled  with  the issuing activity, only the quantity actually received will be  posted  to  the  stock  record.  In  addition,  a  NAVSUP Form 1250-1 will be prepared to report the receipt shortage   as   consumption   under   ACCESS.   (This document will not be posted to the stock record.) Data blocks of the NAVSUP Form 1250-1 will be completed in the same manner as those for a loss by inventory except  as  follows:   Data block 29 (Remarks). Enter the notation “MAT’L  RECEIPT  SHORTAGE,”  and  the applicable  receipt  document  number.   Data block S (Posted). Do not check the “S/R (Issue)” square. For an example, see figure 7-14. After completion of data entries and approval of the supply  officer,  the  NAVSUP  Form  1250-1  will  be distributed as appropriate. Overages or shortages of Navy-owned  material  received  from  Supply  Activities (FISC’S, etc..) or received during UNREP are to be resolved directly with the Supply Activities or UNREP ship immediately. No ROD is required. Overages or shortages  of  non-Navy-owned  material  received  from DOD  or  GSA  will  be  reported  in  accordance  with NAVSUP  P-485. 7-16

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