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Page Title: Other Aids in Identification
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Figure 4-9.—Page from the Afloat Shopping Guide, (ASG)
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Manufacturers’ Instruction Books
OTHER AIDS IN IDENTIFICATION In  addition  to  the  ML-N  and  related  publications, other aids and sources are available to assist you in identifying  a  requirement.  These  are  discussed  below. Department of Defense Sections of the Federal Supply Catalog DOD sections of the Federal Supply Catalog are published  by  defense  supply  centers  for  use  by  the military  services.  Each  DOD  section  contains  items  in the FSC groups and classes assigned to a particular Defense   Supply   Center.   Also   contained   is identification, price, and management data for each item. DOD sections of the  Federal  Supply  Catalog  are listed in the Navy Stock List of Publications and Forms, Cognizance  Symbol  I,  Section  1. GSA Supply Catalogs GSA Supply Catalog Series consists of a guide and four  commodity  catalogs,  identified  as  follows: The   guide   section   contains   consolidated alphabetical and NSN indexes for the items listed in the four  commodity  catalogs.  It  directs  the  user  to  the catalog that contains the listing of the item sought. There is also detailed information about the Federal Supply  System  (FSS)  Stock  program  and  requisitioning procedures. The  tools  catalog  contains  listings  of  common  and special-use tools. It includes many of the tools listed in earlier  GSA  catalogs  and  has  alphabetical  and numerical  indexes  and  a  price  list. The office products catalog lists a wide variety of items for office use, including paper supplies, forms, and equipment. It, too, has alphabetical and numerical indexes  and  a  price  list. The industrial products catalog lists a broad range of items. They include hardware, paints, adhesives, chemicals, machinery, building materials, and cleaning equipment  and  supplies.  It  has  alphabetical  and numerical  indexes  and  a  price  list. The   furniture   catalog   is   a   single   source   of information  for  all  furniture  items  presently  stocked  by FSS.  It  should  be  used  as  sole  guide  for  selecting furniture and related items. GSA  supply  publications  are  prepared  for  civilian  agencies. Before processing requisitions for GSA items, fleet units should refer to the ILs or ML-N for supply management data. Commercial and Government Entity The  Commercial  and  Government  Entity  (CAGE) is  a  five-position,  numeric  code.  These  codes  are assigned  to  manufacture  or  commercial  firms  who maintain  design  control  for  items  of  supply  procured and cataloged for federal agencies. Although the basic purpose of the system is to identify manufacturing organizations,   it also includes special nonmanufacturing  organizations,  primarily  to  facilitate the processing of Federal Catalog data. The  CAGE  coding  system  is  used  in  machine accounting  operations  related  to  support  management programs, such as cataloging and standardization. The SK uses the CAGE in conjunction with the MCRL. When using the MCRL to determine an NIIN, you often find the same reference number listed more than once with  each  having  a  different  NIIN.  For  accurate  item identification, it is necessary to select the NIIN from the MCRL showing the CAGE for the company that made the needed part. The CAGE is published on microfiche in three parts as  follows: H4-1—Name  to  Code  (in  name  sequence) H4-2—Code  to  Name  (in  numeric  sequence) H4-3—NATO  Supply  Code  for  Manufacturers (excluding USA and Canada) The  Commercial  Government  and  Entity  is published in two parts as follows: H8-1—Name  to  Code  (in  name  sequence) H8-2—Code  to  Name  (in  numeric  sequence) Navy Stock List of Publications and Forms The Navy Stock List of Publications and Forms (NAVSUPP-2002), commonly referred to as the “I Cog Catalog.”  It  is  published  on  microfiche  and  consists  of three  sections  as  follows: Section I—Alphabetic/Numeric Listing of Form, Publication,  Hull,  Electronic  Model  Numbers,  and Standard  Subject  Identification  Cede  for  Cog  11  Forms. Section II—Alphabetic Listing of Publications and Forms  by  Title/Nomenclature. Section  III—Numerical  Listing  of  Publications  and F o r m s    b y    S t o c k    N u m b e r    f o l l o w e d    b y NAVAIRSYSCOM  Technical  Directives  (by  type  and directive   number). Publications   and   forms   are sequenced  together. 4-15

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