Quantcast Posting Receipts (and Issues) of SIM DTO Material

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Page Title: Posting Receipts (and Issues) of SIM DTO Material
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Storage  Location
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Chapter 8 Material Expenditures
Both documents then will be placed in the material completed   file. Posting Receipts (and Issues) of SIM DTO Material When SIM DTO material is received and turned over  to  custodial  departments,  the  receipt  documents and related issue requests will be posted simultaneously to  the  stock  record  cards  maintained  for  SIM  DTO material.  The  procedure  for  posting  receipt  documents and updating management data in stock record cards for SIM DTO items is much the same as that for stock records  applicable  to  stock  material.  As  prescribed previously in the paragraph on “Posting Receipts of Stock Material.” The following are exceptions to that procedure:    As the total quantity of SIM DTO material is issued  immediately  upon  receipt,  and  since receipts and issues are posted to the stock record simultaneously, the on-hand balance in stock records for SIM DTO items always will be zero. When  a  SIM  DTO  item  is  received  under  a superseding  NSN,  a  separate  stock  record  card need  not  be  prepared,  as  the  superseded  NSN  in the  existing  stock  record  card  may  be  lined through and the superseding number entered above  it. As  an  Allowance  Parts  List  (APL)  number, storage location, allowance quantity, and AT code are not required entries in a stock record for SIM  DTO  material.  Such  data  will  not  be entered in a new stock record prepared for SIM DTO  material  received  under  a  substitute  NSN. However, the entry of “GUCL” or “GEN USE is required in the APL data block. NAVSUP  Forms  1250-1  prepared  to  report receipt   shortages   as   consumption   under ACCESS  will  be  distributed  in  accordance  with the NAVSUP P-485. Since the submarine forces do   not   submit   ACCESS   consumption documents   for   consumables,   preparation   of NAVSUP Forms 1250-1 for reporting receipt shortages of SIM DTO items is not required. In either  case,  if  the  deficient  quantity  is  to  be reordered,  the  responsible  department  must submit   another   NAVSUP   Form   1250-1   to initiate the requisition. After  stock  records  for  SIM  DTO  items  have  been posted,   the   receipt   and   issue   documents   will   be processed as prescribed in the NAVSUP P-485. INVENTORY   CONTROL   PROCEDURE OBJECTIVES The   basic   objectives   of   inventory   control procedures  used  afloat  are  to: focus attention on the relatively few items that will  satisfy  the  majority  of  onboard  demands  for material; provide  for  the  accumulation  of  accurate consumption  data  required  for  ACCESS  and  the 3-M  program  and  for  maintaining  adequate supply  levels; establish   a   historical   demand   file   for accumulating usage data for not carried (NC) material; prescribe that each request for an NC repair part be used to make sure that the parent equipment is  supported  in  the  Coordinated  Shipboard Allowance List (COSAL); reduce  physical  inventory  requirements  and  to prescribe   standard   physical   inventory procedures; provide  for  effective  management  of  controlled equipage, presentation silver, and mandatory turn-in  repairable; reduce the number of stock record management data   changes   required   to   be   made   by nonautomated   ships; prescribe  the  NAVSUP  Form  1250-1  (Single Line  Item  Consumption  Document  (manual))  as the issue request document in nonautomated ships; prescribe  the  NAVSUP  Form  1250-1  (Single Line  Item  Consumption/Requisition  Document (manual))  as  the  issue  request  document  in nonautomated   ships   and   as   the   normal requisitioning  document  of  the  nonautomated ships of the submarine forces; and prescribe the DD Form 1348 (Single Line Item Requisition System Document (manual)) as the issue request document in automated ships other than those in the submarine forces. Meeting these inventory control objectives are of major concern to all store keeping personnel. The SK3 and  SK2  should  be  aware  of  the  above  objectives  and understand   their   importance.   The   results   of   the division’s  SMA  will  depend  on  how  well  these objectives are met. 7-18

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