Quantcast Requisition  Record  File

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Page Title: Requisition Record File
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Shipboard Uniform Automated Data Processing System
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Stock Control History File
obtained by input of a stock number inquiry (document identifier X90). The data in the MRF is kept current by the  application  of  transactions  during  update  processing and by the application of change notice actions. Requisition  Record  File The Requisition Record (RQN) File is an active tile containing  records  for  outstanding  and  completed requisitions originated by or for the ship. Completed requisitions may be removed from the RQN File by using the Requisition History File Process (RHISP) utility. RHISP will strip completed requisitions from the  current  requisition  file  and  add  them  to  the Requisition  History  File  (RI-IF).  Each  requisition record  consists  of  the  card  images  of  all  status,  follow up,  and  receipt  transactions  processed  under  the particular document number. Change notice actions which apply to the MRF also apply to the RQN File and become  subrecords  where  applicable.  A  requisition record  is  initially  established  at  the  time  a  requisition document  identifier  (DI)  (e.g.  A0A)  is  processed  in  an update.  The  computer  rejects  any  attempt  to  establish duplicate  document  numbers.  The  computer  program allows   a   maximum   of   32   subrecords   for   each requisition. A printout of a RQN record and related information may be obtained by input of a document number  inquiry  (DI  X90). Numbers  File The Numbers (NBR) File is a history file which contains   a   record   of   stock   number   changes   and cross-reference   data.   Stock   number   changes   are automatically recorded in the NBR File at the time change notice is processed. Records are contained in this  file  cross-referencing  the  following: 1—New NSN to old NSN and vice versa 2  —Part  number  (exceeding  15  positions)  to  local stock number and vice versa 3—New  part  number  to  old  part  number  and  vice versa 4—NSN to description and vice versa 5 —Part number to description and vice versa 6  —Local  stock  number  to  description  and  vice versa Inquiry into the NBR File may be made by a Numbers File Inquiry (DI X90). A numbers inquiry will produce a listing of the basic numbers record and all related cross-reference  subrecords.  DI  082  may  be  used  to obtain   a   complete   printout   of   the   Numbers/ Cress-Reference   Listing. Financial  Master  File The Financial Master File (FMF)is a series of tables and counters that generally correspond to financial reports  and  records. These  tables  are  posted  during update  processing.  The  reports  are  produced  from  the computer as required by stock control personnel. Maintenance Data Collection File The  objective  of  the  Maintenance  Data  Collection System  (MDCS)  is  the  collection  and  reporting  of maintenance-related data into the 3-M Systems by the use   of   a   TDA91   tape. Equipment   maintenance information   (job   control   number,   equipment identification  number,  etc.)  is  obtained  from  the  supply documents for reporting into the 3-M Systems. This information   is   obtained   from   the   following maintenance-related    documents: 1.  Issue  documents 2. DTO requisitions 3.  Receipts 4.  Departmental  turn-ins 5. AB , AS , and AE supply cancellation status The only tape file in the system is the Maintenance Data  Collection  (MDC)  File.  The  Maintenance- Related Transaction (MRT) in the MDCS is the same as the Transaction Tape (TRN) in the supply system. The MDC File contains data collected by the system and subsequently output as TDA91 tape. MANUAL FILES Manual  files  provide  control  over  transactions which  have  not  been  completed.  They  are  also  a  point of  assembly  for  transitions  which  are  to  be  processed, and they provide various system users with history or reference  files  on  completed  transactions.  These  files are explained below. Keypunch Assembly File The Keypunch Assembly File consists of source documents which are to be sent to Data Processing for keypunching.  This  file  is  maintained  in  the  Stock Control  Division.  The  documents  are  assembled  in 11-5

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