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Page Title: Restrictions
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Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Advance of Funds
RESTRICTIONS Activities  afloat,  either  in  the  United  States  or foreign  ports,  may  not  purchase  the  following  materials without the specific authority from the cognizant bureau or  command: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Material in excess of allowance except properly approved  emergency  requirements. Boats. Books for the ship’s library. Forms,  commercial  printing, bookwork. Technical ordnance articles. binding,  blank Printing  equipment  and  machinery. Automotive   equipment. Transportation  facilities,  equipment  material, parts;   and   supplies   required   for   domestic transportation. METHODS  OF  PURCHASE Purchases  afloat  are  made  by  one  of  the  following methods: 1. 2. 3. Purchase order for purchases not in excess of $25,000 (in CONUS) not in excess of $50,000 (out  CONUS). Imprest  fund  for  cash  purchases  when  the amount does not exceed $500. Orders under indefinite delivery-type contracts and  blanket  purchase  agreements  (BPAs)  that have been negotiated by ashore activities. A  single  requirement  may  NOT  be  divided  into  more than one purchase action for the purpose of avoiding the monetary  limitations  stated  above.  Each  of  the  above methods is discussed in the following paragraphs. Procedures  for  purchases  by  ashore  activities  are provided  in  NAVSUPINST  4200.85. OBLIGATION DOCUMENT When a purchase is made under any of the above procedures  that  is  chargeable  to  the  ship’s  OPTAR,  a DD Form 1348 is prepared as an obligation document. ‘he hardback copy of the DD Form 1348 is attachd to a copy of the purchase document and placed in the MOF. The  green  copy  of  the  DD  Form  1348  is  placed  in OPTAR  document  holding  file  1  by  ships  that  submit budget/OPTAR reeds, or promptly forwarded to the OPTAR holding activity by ships that do NOT submit budget/OPTAR reports. The original and remaining copies are discarded. PURCHASE ORDER The  purchase  order  method  will  be  used  for purchases in the open market up to the purchasing authority   as   authorized   by   the   cognizant   type commander.  (Purchase  orders  will  not  exceed  $50,000 except as specified in the NAVSUPINST 4200.85). The material or services included in a single purchase order number will be chargeable to the same fund code (e.g., the  purchase  order  will  include  all  repair  pacts  or  all services but not both). See figures 5-13A, 5-13B, and 5-13C for example of the forms to be used. Use the NAVSUP P-485 for guidance and purchase orders. The DD Form 1155, with the 1155r or l155r-1 is distributed as are specified in the NAVSUP P-485. IMPREST FUNDS The  imprest  fund  is  a  simple  and  economic  method of making purchases of $500 or less. It is a cash fund and operates much like the petty cash fund used by private industry. It is, in effect, a miniature revolving fund. The fund is reduced as purchases are made. When the  reimbursement  voucher  is  prepared  the  ship’s OPTAR is charged for the amount spent and the money returned to the imprest fund. Authority Upon  the  written  approval  of  the  type  commander, ships may establish an imprest fund. The supply officer, establishes the fund in writing. The maximum amount for the fund and designation of imprest cashier to act as custodian of the fund must be included. The amount of the fund should be based on anticipated purchases, normally not to exceed $1,000 and no less than $500. A  greater  amount  must  be  approved  by  the  type commander  and  athorized  by  NAVSUP.  A  review should be made quarterly to determine if them is a continuing need for the fund and if the amount of the fund is greater than necessary, Any officer or enlisted member attached to the supply department may be designated as imprest fund cashier unless they are performing  disbursing  duties. 5-22

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