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Page Title: Sources of Information
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The Store Keeper's Career Development
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Sources of Information, Continued
TRAMANs  are  designed  to  help  you  qualify  for advancement. The following suggestions may help you to make the best use of this TRAMAN and other Navy training  publications  when  you  are  preparing  for advancement. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Refer  to  the  Advancement  Handbook  for Storekeeper before you study the TRAMAN, and  refer  to  it  frequently  as  you  study. Remember,   not   only   does   it   contain   a bibliography  for  advancement  study,  it  also contains the PARS and PARS administrative procedures. Set up a regular study plan. It will probably be easier for you to stick to a schedule if you can plan  to  study  at  the  same  time  each  day.  If possible, schedule your studying for a time of day   when   you   will   not   have   too   many interruptions  or  distractions. Before you begin to study any part of the manual intensively,  become  familiar  with  the  entire book.  Read  the  preface  and  the  table  of contents.  Check  through  the  index.  Thumb through  the  book  without  any  particular  plan, looking at the illustrations and reading bits here and there as you see things that interest you. Look at the TRAMAN in more detail, to see how it is organized. Look at the table of contents again.  Then,  chapter  by  chapter,  read  the introduction, the headings, and the subheadings. This will give you a pretty clear picture of the scope  and  content  of  the  book.  As  you  look though the book in this way, ask yourself some questions: What do I need to learn about this? What do I already know about this? How   is   this   information   related information given in other chapters? to How  is  this  information  related  to  the PARS? When you have a general idea of what is in the TRAMAN and how it is organized, fill in the details  by  intensive  study.  In  each  study  Period, try to cover a complete unit such as chapter or a section of a chapter. The amount of material that you can cover at one time will vary. If you know the subject well, or if the material is easy, you can  cover  a  lot  at  one  time.  Difficult  or 6. 7. 8. 9. unfamiliar  material  will  require  more  study time. In studying any one unit, chapter, section, or subsection,  write  down  the  questions  that  occur to you. Many people find it helpful to make a written outline of the unit as they study, or at least  to  write  down  the  most  important  ideas. As  you  study,  relate  the  information  in  the TRAMAN  to  the  knowledge  you  already  have. Read  any  information  you  can  find  about  a process, skill, or situation and try to see how it ties in with your own experience. When  you  have  finished  studying  a  unit,  take time out to see what you have learned. Look back  over  your  notes  and  questions.  Maybe some of your questions have been answered, but perhaps  you  still  have  some  that  are  not answered. Without looking at the TRAMAN, write  down  the  main  ideas  that  you  have received  from  studying  this  unit.  Don’t  just quote the book. If you can’t give these ideas in your own words, the chances are that you have not  really  mastered  the  information. Use  nonresident  career  courses  whenever  you can. The courses are based on TRAMANs or on other  appropriate  texts.  As  mentioned  before, completion o f    a    T R A M A N    c a n    b e accomplished  by  passing  a  nonresident  career course based on the training manual. Taking a course  helps  you  to  master  the  information given  in  the  TRAMAN,  and  also  helps  you  see how much you have learned. SOURCES  OF  INFORMATION Besides   training   manuals,   the   Advancement handbook for SK lists official publications on which you  may  be  examined.  You  should  not  only  study  the sections required, but should also become as familiar as possible  with  all  publications  you  use.  TRAMANs cover the subjects that may appear on the advancement examination. However, the examination may cover the subjects in more depth or breadth so, you also need to study  the  other  publications  listed  for  Storekeepers. One of the most useful things you can learn about a subject  is  how  to  find  out  more  about  it.  No  single publication can give you all the information you need to perform  the  duties  of  your  rating.  You  should  learn  where to look for up-to-Date authoritative information on the 1-3

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