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Page Title: Special Material Identification Code
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Cognizance Symbol
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
cognizance.  The  NAVSUP  P485  covers  NICNs  in detail. Local Item Control Number Local  item  control  numbers  (LICN)  may  be assigned to shipboard stocked consumable items which are not identified by an NSN, a NATO stock number, or another   type   of   NICN.   An   LICN   consists   of   13 characters. The first four numbers correspond to the FSC of similar NSN items, the fifth and sixth (NCB code area) are “LL,” and the remaining seven are all numbers. (See figure 4-3.) Locally  assigned  item  control  numbers  are  authorized for  local  use  only  (i.e.,  for  shipboard  stock  records, locator  records,  bin  tags,  issue  documents,  etc.).  They are  not  used  for  requisitions  since  they  would  be meaningless to the supply source. Special Material Identification Code Special material identification code (SMIC) is a two-position  alpha  or  alphanumeric  code  assigned  by the  Commander,  Naval  Supply  Systems  Command  to NSN items which require: Source of quality control Technical design or configuration control Special   controls   for   procurement,   receipt, inspections,  test,  storage,  and  issue Appendix 9L of the NAVSUP P485 lists the current authorized  SMICs.  These  codes  are  shown  in  the Management  List-Navy  (ML-N)  in  the  column  headed “Material   Management   Code   (MMC),”   and   are considered  supplemental  to  the  NSN.  When  an  SMIC is assigned to an NSN item, the SMIC will be suffixed to the NSN in all supply documents and records. Figure 4-3.—Local Item control number. Technical  Manual  Identification Numbering System (TMINS) The TMINS is a plan for classifying, indexing, and numbering  Navy  technical  manuals  to  encourage standardization  and  modernization.  The  13-character number, patterned after the 13-digit national stock number,   serves   both   as   the   technical   manual identification  number  and  as  the  number  used  to requisition  a  particular  technical  manual.  TMINS numbers are authorized for use on DD Forms 1348 or message  requisitions  in  DD  Form  1348  form  at  using RIC  A04  or  A0D,  as  appropriate.  See  NAVSUP  P-485 and NAVMATINST. 4160.1 for further information on the TMINS. IDENTIFICATION ABOARD SHIP You should be able to identify both the material in your  ships  storerooms  and  the  material  requirements  of your ship. You do this by converting item nomenclature or  description  into  NSNs  assigned  in  the  Federal Catalog System. All items of stock must be recorded on stock record cards. Any action which affects the quantity or value of that stock must also be recorded. For this reason, all stock transactions, receipts, and expenditures use NSNs to make sure they are posted to the right stock card. If you use the wrong NSN to requisition material for the ship, you will probably receive an item that the ship cannot use. Not only will the ship have spent its money uselessly, but an item that may be urgently needed by another  ship  or  station  will  not  be  available.  There  is also  the  additional  delay  of  waiting  for  the  right  item material  to  be  ordered  and  received. When taking inventory in a storeroom, you must use the right NSN or the count may be posted to the wrong  stock  card.  To  help  prevent  errors  in  inventory and issues, all stock in the storerooms should be marked with the right NSN. To do this you should: Place a stock tag on the front of the bin or drawer if it contains only one type of material. Fasten a stock tag to the item. Write the NSN on the item with marking pen or other permanent marking. It only takes a short time   to   mark   stock   properly   when   it   is inventoried or received. It can save you a lot of time later on. 4-3

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