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Page Title: Stock Control History File
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Requisition  Record  File
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
System Operation
document identifier batches and logged in a Control Log  before  being  sent  to  keypunch. Stock Control History File The  Stock  Control  History  File  contains  all  source documents  which  have  been  used  as  a  basis  for keypunching cards to update files. Included in this file are all transactions originating at the shipboard level; such  as  issues,  off-line  requisitions,  changes  to  the Master  Record  File,  local  change  notices,  and  copies  of receipt documents. The file is maintained by the Stock Control  Division  in  document  identifier  sequence within  the  Julian  date  processed. Update File The  Update  File  consists  of  all  locally  keypunched cards, plus any system-generated cards which are to be processed  during  update.  An  Update  File  is  maintained by the Stock Control Division until an update is desired, at which time the file is sent to the System Coordinator, who requests an update from Data Processing. Data Processing History File The  Data  Processing  History  file  consists  of  all computer-generated   or   manually   keypunched documents  that  have  been  used  to  update  files.  These cards are placed in this file according to the Julian date processed and will be maintained for 120 days. This file can also be maintained on magnetic tape. Request for Data Processing Service Files For  control  purposes,  the  System  Coordinator  must maintain an outstanding and completed Request for Data Processing Service File. The Request for Data Processing  Services  Form,  which  Stock  Control submits to the System Coordinator, can serve as this file. Bearer Suspense File The Bearer Suspense File contains the retained copies  of  DD  Form  1348  manual  requisition  packages which  have  been  prepared  off-line  and  sent  to SERVMART  or  sent  as  bearer  pickup  requisitions (which are normally expected to be completed within a 24-hour   period)   to   supply   activities.   The   file   is maintained in the Stock Control Division in order to monitor  the  return  of  receipt  documents.  After  receipt of the material, the control copies are destroyed. Receipt Takeup Card File At the time stock requisitions are prepared by the computer during automatic reorder or when stock and direct   turnover   (DTO)   requisitions   are   prepared off-line,   an   additional   DD   Form   1348m   card   is generated. This additional card is known as a “receipt takeup card.” As receipt takeup cards are generated, they are filed in document number sequence or in a separate  document  number  sequence  for  DTO  and stock.   As   receipt   documents   are   received,   Stock Control  personnel  match  the  receipt  document  with  the receipt takeup card. If no difference exists between the two  documents,  the  receipt  takeup  card  is  placed  in  the Update  File.  If  differences  exist  between  the  two documents, the receipt takeup card must be connected to agree with the receipt document and then placed in  the Update  File. Mandatory Turn-in Repairable Control Cards To  ensure  the  turn-in  of  repairable  items,  the computer  creates  a  Mandatory  Turn-in  Repairable Control  Card  whenever  an  issue  or  DTO  receipt  is processed  against  a  stock  record  with  material  control code  of  D,  E,  G,  H,  Q,  or  X.  The  monitoring  of mandatory   turn-in   items   and   the   preparation   of documents  to  turn  the  items  in  to  ashore  supply activities  is  a  responsibility  of  the  Supply  Support Center  (SSC). OUTPUT FILES The  purpose  of  the  Output  Files  is  to  provide  the ship with a complete history of all transactions affecting stock or financial records. These files are explained below. Transaction  Ledger The Transaction Ledger reports a history of all transactions   processed   successfully   through   the computer.  The  listings  provide  an  audit  trail  for reconstructing actions that have taken place in the event that  other  files  are  destroyed,  or  when  research  is required.  The  Transaction  Ledger  contains  any  entry for each stock record affected by the particular update and is printed in National Item Identification Number (NIIN)  sequence  within  record-type  code.  The  top  line of each entry reflects the stock record as it was at the beginning of the update. Immediately under this line, transitions are listed that were posted to the stock 11-6

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