Quantcast The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Supply System

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Page Title: The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Supply System
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Figure 2-3.-Operation of the Navy Supply System
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
The Integrated Navy Supply System
6. 7. 8. SPCC,  after  applying  the  issue  report  to  its master  record,  ascertains  that  FISC  Oakland’s stock of the item is below the required level and issues  a  contract  to  the  XYZ  Corporation  to replenish  FISC,  Oakland. The  XYZ  Corporation  ships  the FISC, Oakland. FISC,  Oakland,  makes  a  receipt report  to  SPCC,  Mechanicsburg. material  to transaction packaged  petroleum  products,  office  supplies, and  cleaning  supplies. Defense Supply Centers (DSCs) perform the same functions  for  the  Defense  Supply  System  as  ICPs perform the for Navy Supply System except DFSC has no  responsibility  for  inventory  control. DLA  Material  Distribution  Activities-Material distribution  functions  within  the  Defense  Supply THE DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY System are performed by defense depots (DDs) and specialized  support  points  (SSPs). (DLA) SUPPLY SYSTEM DLA  is  a  supply  support  organization  which  is assigned  management  responsibility  and  control  of items in common use by all military services. About 60% of the line items in the integrated Navy Supply System  are  managed  by  DLA.  These  items  are identified by the number 9 preceding the alphabetic cognizance symbol, except for cognizance symbol 9Q material which is managed by the General Services Administration   (GSA).   Management   of   the   DLA supply  system  is  exercised  through  DLA  headquarters at  Cameron  Station,  Alexandria,  Virginia.  The  role  of DLA headquarters in the DLA supply system can be compared  to  the  role  of  the  Naval  Supply  Systems Command within the Navy Supply System. DLA   Supply   Centers—The   six   DLA   Supply Centers (DSCs) and the types of material for which they are  responsible  are: Defense  Personnel  Support  Center  (DPSC), Philadelphia,   Pennsylvania—food   items, medical  supplies,  and  clothing; Defense   Fuel   Supply   Center   (DFSC), Washington,  D.C.–bulk  petroleum  and  bulk petroleum  based  chemicals; Defense Electronics Supply Center (DESC), Dayton,   Ohio —electronic    and    electric equipment and repair parts; Defense  Industrial  Supply  Center  (DISC), Philadelphia,     Pennsylvanian–industrial-type items  (e.g.,  bearings,  wire  rope,  and  sheet  metal); Defense  Construction  Supply  Center  (DCSC), Columbus,   Ohio-structural   material   and equipment,  components,  and  repair  parts; Defense   General   Supply   Center   (DGSC), Richmond,   Virginia—furniture,   food preparation  equipment,  recreation  equipment, Defense Depot (DD)—A defense depot is a storage point for DLA material. Issue of material from a DD is centrally controlled by the cognizant DSC and is based on requisitions received and processed centrally by the DSC. DDs cannot accept direct requisitions and issues are made only when directed by the DSC. Specialized  Support  Point  (SSP)—An  SSP  is  a military  service  managed  stock  point  that  is  authorized  to receive,  store,  and  distribute  a  tailored  range  of DLA-owned materials for direct support of specified customers.  These  customers  are  generally,  but  not necessarily, of the same military service as the SSP. (Most of the SSPs are Navy stock points. Activities of the other military services requisition most of their DLA materials direct from the DSCs.) All the NSCs, as well as most other Navy  stock  points  (FISC’s,  INASs,  and  NSYs)  are  SSPs for the specific DLA commodities listed for them. Unlike defense  depots,  SSPs  are  authorized  to  accept  requisitions for stored DLA materials direct from customer activities, and  to  process  such  requisitions  without  prior  clearance  of the cognizant DSC(s). SSPs are required to report  all DLA material receipt and issue transactions to the cognizant DSC(s). Operation of the DLA Supply System-figure 2-4 depicts  the  operation  of  the  DLA  supply  system  in filling a requisition submitted by an afloat customer: 1. 2. 3. In USS John Paul Jones submits a requisition for cognizance  symbol  9C  material  to  FISC, Oakland, an SSP. FISC,  Oakland,  issues  the  material  from  DLA stocks. FISC,  Oakland,  reports  the  issue  transaction  to DCSC. the  foregoing  example,  it  should  be  understood that although requisitioned from and supplied by a Navy stock  point,  the  material  issued  was  owned  and managed by a DSC. 2-9

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