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Page Title: The Store Keeper's Career Development
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Chapter 1 The Navy Storekeeper
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Sources of Information
Receiving   Storekeeper Storeroom   Storekeeper Stock  Records  Storekeeper Office   Storekeeper Issueroom  Storekeeper Requisitioning/Purchase   Storekeeper Receipt  Control  Storekeeper Technical Librarian While  all  of  these  jobs  are  normally  performed  on all  ships,  the  degree  of  specialization  within  a  supply department  is  dictated  by  its  size. You will be able to do a better job if you develop an awareness of how your particular job fits into the overall responsibility of the supply department. In this way, you  will  not  see  yourself  as  performing  an  insignificant, unimportant drudgery, but rather that each function contributes   to   the   general   effectiveness   of   the department. Neatness and legibility of records should not be overlooked in the rush to complete a job. Remember, someone else may have to use the records in performing the job, and a number incorrectly read will probably result in an incorrect report. Morale is a word having a great deal of significant in the Navy. You, as a Storekeeper, can contribute much toward the morale of your ship by giving courteous, tactful service to personnel of all departments. Afloat billets for SK3 and SK2 may include anyone or more of the areas discussed in this book and maybe located aboard any ship in the Navy. Shore duty billets are  usually  more  specialized,  but  generally  will  be similar to afloat jobs. THE STOREKEEPER’S CAREER DEVELOPMENT Career development, is a process that provides the technical, administrative, and leadership skills needed for a career in the supply field. To help you plan your career  development,  the  Navy  provides  a  specialist called a Career Counselor, an Advancement Handbook for the Storekeeper rating and nonresident training materials  found  in  Publication  NAVEDTRA  12061, Catalog of Nonresident Training Courses.  Any  serious considerations for planning a career in supply requires that you investigate these sources. As a first step in your investigation,  see  the  person  responsible  for  the administration of the supply department’s training programs. The primary source for enlisted career development has  been  the  Navy’s  formal  school  programs.  While  the importance   of   this   type   of   training   cannot   be overemphasized,  it  should  not  be  viewed  as  a  cure-all approach to your career development. To effectively meet the real world responsibilities of your rating, the development of high quality performance requires that your  career  development  be  designed  to  provide  a timely   mixture   of   formal   training   and   practical experience.  These  topics,  and  others,  you  will  want  to discuss  in  detail  with  those  involved  with  assisting  you in  planning  your  career  objectives.  Career  development is  not  purely  automatic;  it  requires  your  personal attention  and  participation. TRAINING MANUALS Training  Manuals  (TRAMANs)  (such  as  this  one) are prepared for most enlisted ratings. A TRAMAN gives  information  that  is  directly  related   to  the occupational standards of ONE rating. TRAMANS are revised to keep them up to date technically. The revision of a  TRAMAN is identified by a letter following the NAVEDTRA number. You can tell  whether  any  particular  copy  of  a  TRAMAN  is  the latest  edition  by  checking  the  NAVEDTRA  number  and the letter following this number in the most recent edition of Catalog of Nonresident Training Courses, NAVEDTRA 12061. (NAVEDTR4 12061 is actually a catalog that lists all current training manuals and courses; you will find this catalog useful in planning your study program.) Each time a TRAMAN is revised, it conforms with the official publications and directives on which it is based; but during the life of any edition, discrepancies between  the  TRAMAN  and  the  official  sources  are almost certain to arise because of changes to the latter which are issued in the interim. In the performance of your  duties,  you  should  always  refer  to  the  appropriate official publication or directive. If the official source is listed in NAVEDTRA 12052, the Naval Education and Training   Program   Management   Support   Activity (NETPMSA)  uses  it  as  a  source  of  questions  in preparing  the  fleetwide  examinations  for  advancement. In case of a discrepancy between any publications listed in NAVEDTRA 12052 for a given rate, the examination writers will use the most recent material. 1-2

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