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Page Title: Benefits from Form Management
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Areas for Possible Analysis
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
DON Headquarters Improvement
of  a  multiple-copy  distribution  may  be  a  source  of eliminating  or  curtailing  paper  work. OBSOLETE   SUBJECT   MATTER   OR SITUATIONS.–  Forms that are still being used that appear to contain obsolete material or to have outlived their usefulness furnish possible leads. Clues come particularly  from  dates on  forms  or  directives  that appear to be unusually old; subject matter no longer current (for example, shortage of materials or skills no longer critical); use of the form (preparing forms to show violations, performance data, and the like after the situation requiring the information has passed); or other out-of-date   practices. Design of the Forms Determining   forms   on   which   items   can   be rearranged  or  design  improved  for  more  efficient preparation or use is another profitable area. Some examples are the following: . Forms on which completion could be improved by more effective use of aligned marginal stops, tabular and  columnar  spacing,  eliminating  or  minimizing rollbacks   and   hand-positioning,   or   saving   other typewriter  motions .   Forms   on   which   recurring   items   could   be reprinted  and  fill-ins  limited  to  variable  information  or on which ballot boxes could be used instead of lengthy write-ins . Forms that could be mailed in window envelopes to  eliminate  retyping  addresses . Forms that should contain items for To and From information to eliminate preparing, handling, and filing separate  transmittal  letters Part IV of the  Department  of  the  Navy  (DON) Forms   Management   Program,   SECNAVINST 5213.10C,  contains  a  detailed  treatment  of  design techniques. BENEFITS  FROM  FORMS  MANAGEMENT The  management  of  forms  and  their  related procedures  results  in  benefits  such  as  the  following: Greater efficiency in: l organization; . operations; and . procedures. Greater  economy  in  man-hours,  space,  and  materials through: elimination of unnecessary forms and related procedures. consolidation, simplification, and standardization of necessary forms and related procedures. rapid  and  uniform data. reduced  printing, costs. Improved  records  through. handling and processing of stocking,  and  distribution l analysis of the required subject matter. .  systematic  and  orderly  arrangement  of  the required data on the form. Better relations: l within the activity. l with other activities and agencies. . with the public. Some examples of actual benefits accomplished through  forms  management  follow. Navywide  Improvement The Secretary or the Under Secretary of the Navy is required by law to approve the payment of finds to nongovernmental  institutions  for  training  Navy  civilian employees.  The  original  procedure  to  approve  or disapprove a request for payment of funds for such training required the processing of a minimum of 35 separate documents which, in turn, required a minimum of 56 separate operations. The requirements for the information to be submitted were not definite. The tendency was to include all possible data. Many of the requests were in the form of 30- to 40-page documents that  contained  a  great  deal  of  unnecessary  information and lacked some of the essential details. About 25 to 30 requests for tuition payment were being received each month. It was estimated that in 90 percent  of  the  cases  extensive  use  of  telephone,  letters, dispatches,  and  so  forth,  were  required  to  obtain  the actual data needed. Approximately 6 weeks elapsed between the time the activity forwarded the request and the time it was returned. 5-6

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