Quantcast Designation of Billets for Enslisted Women

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Page Title: Designation of Billets for Enslisted Women
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Manpower Authorization - 14260_103
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Manpower Change Summary Sheet
As a general rule, compensation is valid only when the quantity or quality requirement is removed from one billet  and  the  corresponding  quantity  or  quality requirement  is  applied  to  another  billet.  Compensation can neither be stored nor accumulated. Even  though  an  immediate  requirement  for personnel  to  satisfy  approved  manpower  changes  may exist, fiscal constraints, individual considerations, and nonavailability  of  distributable  personnel  assets  may prevent  early  fulfillment  of  billet  requirements. DESIGNATION OF BILLETS FOR ENLISTED WOMEN Women in the Navy have an equal opportunity for assignment to all billets for which qualified and not otherwise  prevented  by  law.  However,  in  the  interest  of efficient  distribution  and  use  of  personnel,  procedures have been established to identify certain billets ashore as requiring women petty officers. The determining factor is the number of women petty officers relative to the total number of distributable personnel. There is, as a result, a need to make sure a minimum number of each are detailed to activities as required by activity function. The  conversion  NEC  WP-9999  has  been  authorized for use in identifying billets requiring women petty officers. This NEC may be used as either a primary or secondary NEC on MPAs. The intent is to make sure the activity is detailed sufficient women petty officers to till functions   involving   supervision,   training,   and counseling  of  enlisted  women.  Examples  of  appropriate billets  are  enlisted  women’s  quarters  (EWQ)  managers, recruit   training   command   (RTC)   company commanders,  or  billets  in  correctional  centers  involving confinement  of  women. Commanding  officers  should  identify  billets qualifying  for  NEC  WP-9999  and  submit  appropriate MPA  change  requests.  Use  of  this  NEC  must  be adequately justified. Be prepared, cm request, to provide continued justification for such billet coding. The manpower claimants should evaluate requests for  billet  coding  in  light  of  the  previous  guidance  and the  Navy  Equal  Opportunity  Program. The  DCNO  should  evaluate  requests  for  billet coding  and  approve  or  disapprove  as  appropriate. REQUESTING  CHANGES The MPA is prepared on OPNAV Form 1000/2. Requests for changes to the MPA must be submitted on the  Manpower  Authorization  Change  Request,  OPNAV Form 1000/4A, except when requesting minor changes. The Manual of Navy Total Force Manpower Policies and  Procedures,  OPNAVINST   1000.16G,   contains information  on  the  block  descriptions  and  procedures for  completing  OPNAV  Form  1000/4A.  You  should study and understand all applicable portions of this manual when you prepare a request to change your activity’s MPA. Submit requests of a routine nature separately from those that involve policy changes. This will expedite processing of routine change requests. To make sure an accurate data base exists to support the ER process, changes will not be accepted for the MPA while an ER study  is  being  conducted.  This  freeze  will  be  effective  3 months before the scheduled start date of the ER and continue until implemented. When submitting MPA change  requests  for  implementation  of  ER  most efficient  organizations  (MEOs),  use  the  designated input  function  in  the  Manpower  Claimant  Access Support   System   (MANCLASS).   Procedures   for preparing the implementing manpower change requests for  the  ER  MEO  are  contained  in  OPNAVINST 1000.16G. Routine MPA change requests are submitted according to the  Manpower  Claimant  Access  Support System (MANCLASS)  Users Manual. The  completed  Manpower  Authorization  Change Request,  OPNAV  Form  1000/4A,  is  forwarded  with  a cover  letter  that  must  explain  the  requested  changes, reasons  for  the  changes,  compensation  available  if required,   uncompensated   requirements,   and   the justification for these requirements. If the request is not a result of the scheduled annual manpower review or ER MEO, explain the mission or function changes or other impacts  imposed  by  higher  authority  that  necessitate  a change  in  manpower  requirements. Bold,  legible  hand-printing  is  quite  acceptable  on OPNAV Form 1000/4A. The expense of typing these forms   is   seldom   warranted.   The   expense   of photographically  reducing  these  forms  is  never  warranted because  a  new  MPA  can  only  be  generated  with  a keypunch  operation  that  uses  completed  full-size  OPNAV Forms  1000/4A.  Separate  OPNAV  Forms  1000/4A  must be prepared to request changes to officer and enlisted MPAs. When either an officer or enlisted change request is prepared, consideration must be given to all officer or all enlisted billets in the activity that will be affected by the change. Unless a complete reorganization is being requested,  only  those  billets  to  be  added,  changed,  or deleted  are  entered  on  the  OPNAV  Form  1000/4A.  The original  and  two  copies  (not  reproductions)  of  the completed  OPNAV  Form  1000/4A  and  the  original 8-6

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