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Page Title: Documentation of Required Interviews
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Incentive Interview
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Figure  3-4A.-Career  Counselor  Record,  NAVPERS  1160/11  (front).
request properly and ask the member to sign it. Offer to take care of the request from here. By performing this function  the  counselor  can  change  many  maybe’s  into yes’s and allow plenty of time to routinely process the request.  Provide  follow-up  interviews  for  those  maybe’s who have cold feet and have the ship’s office or PASS office  contact  the  CCC  when  someone  cancels  a  request to  reenlist/extend.  Then  the  CCC  can  schedule follow-up interviews as required. Do not try to sell civilian career opportunities to members   who   decide   to   reenlist;   the   effort   is counterproductive. When members definitely decide against reenlistment, give the full-scale civilian career opportunities  presentation.  If,  during  follow-up interviews, members decide that they definitely do not wish to reenlist, give the full-scale presentation on preparing for a civilian career at that time. Schedule  follow-up  interviews  on  a  monthly  basis until ayes can be obtained or the member has completed the loss tracking schedule as outlined in the  Retention Team Manual. Scheduling should be done while the member is present to prevent a conflict in the times that the interviewer and the member are available. Let the member  know  the  time,  place,  and  date. 17-Year  Monitor  Interview The  group  presentation  should  normally  be  given when the members have 16 years and 11 months of active  duty  and  the  personal  interview  by  the division/work  center  career  counselor  should  be  given at the 17-year point. The group presentation for this interview will probably include 2 or more months of scheduled interviews in advance to have a quorum for a group presentation. During this interview the benefits of remaining on active duty past the initial Fleet Reserve eligibility date should be stressed. There should be a complete  discussion  of  the  Survivor  Benefits  Plan (SBP) and other survivor annuties during the interview. Preretirement/Separation Interview There will be a group presentation for the members due a separation interview because of EAOS only and a separate presentation for members retiring or going to the Fleet Reserve. The presentation for both groups should  be  scheduled  120  days  before  departing  active duty. The personal interviews for both groups must be conducted by the division/work center career counselor no later than 45 days before actual separation from active duty. To assist fleet units and activities in carrying out the required  procedures,  the  commander  of  the  Naval Reserve  Force  provides  preseparation  presentations. These presentations are given by the Naval Reserve Career Information Teams (CARITs) headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, and San Diego, California. For more information on the CARITs, refer to the  Naval Reserve Preseparation Counseling of Active Duty Personnel, OPNAVINST 1900.lC. Individual commands should schedule and require all  eligible  officer  and  enlisted  personnel  undergoing separation  processing  within  CONUS,  Alaska,  or Hawaii  to  attend  a  formal  CARIT  presentation. Deploying  units  should  schedule,  90  days  before deployment, all   personnel   who   are   to   be discharged/released  from  active  duty  before  the  unit’s return. The CCC attached to activities outside CONUS should  give  the  preseparation  and  the  retirement/Fleet Reserve  presentation. DOCUMENTATION OF REQUIRED INTERVIEWS It is important to document the results of all the required interviews. The results are recorded on the Career  Counselor  Record,  NAVPERS  1160/11  (fig. 3-4A, front, and fig. 3-4B, back), the interview form provided in the SNAPS system, or a retention interview form such as the one in figure 3-5. The original interview form should be returned to the CCC via the member’s retention team chain of command so it can be reviewed and placed in the member’s individual counseling file. Keep in mind that all interviews conducted during the month  will  be  discussed  during  the  next  month’s departmental  retention  team  meeting.  Having  accurate results  of  interviews  will  help  the  retention  team determine what action, if any, is needed to help the individuals meet their goals or correct any problems they  are  experiencing. 3-14

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