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Page Title: Establishing and Operating the Forms Management Function
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Chapter 5 Forms
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Forms Management Records - 14260_65
The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) exercises overall supervision of the forms management program for the DON, according to the policies and standards established by the Secretary of the Navy. The CNO’s responsibilities are the following: .  Develop  and  coordinate  the  overall  program . Serve as the single point of contact and liaison with  the  Office  of  Secretary  of  Defense,  other components  of  the  Department  of  Defense,  the  General Services Administration, and other federal agencies on forms  management  matters .   Provide   related   technical   guidance   and assistance to the Office of the Secretary of the Navy and the DON staff offices .  Develop  and  publish  concepts,  guides, techniques,  and  information  for  conducting  the program,  including  analysis  of  forms  and  related procedures,  and  standards  of  design Under the CNO, the Chief of Naval Material, and the  Commander,  Naval  Supply  Systems  Command,  the Navy  Publications  and  Printing  Service  Offices (NPPSO)  have  the  following  responsibilities: .  Provide  for  the  printing  and  procurement  of forms,  including  liaison  for  stocking  and distribution l  Recommend  consolidation  or  standardization  of existing  forms  wherever  economy  can  be realized . provide forms design service to ashore activities and  fleet  commands  that  do  not  have  such capability  or  available  service . Provide forms design training for the DON Each command is responsible for establishing and maintaining  a  forms  management  program.  Forms management  positions  must  be  established  and  staffed with  trained  personnel.  A  clearing  point  must  be maintained to review and approve proposed forms, formats, and directives or other issuances promulgating or requiring forms. In addition, design assistance and corrective  guidance must  be  provided. for  forms  and  related  procedures 5-2 ESTABLISHING AND OPERATING THE FORMS MANAGEMENT FUNCTION As the first step in establishing the function in the activity, the commanding officer (CO) issues a directive that  states  the  objectives  of  the  function  and  assigns responsibility   to   one   organizational   unit   for   its administration. Location  and  Staffing  a  Forms  Management Office The forms management office should be established on  the  same  level  and  usually  within  the  same organizational unit as other management functions because of the following reasons: It is and should be considered as an integral part of  the  activity’s  total  management  improvement effort. A study of forms normally involves change in procedures, records systems, and reports or other phases  of  management  improvement. Forms   management   can   and   should complement other management improvement programs. The analytical capabilities required for forms analysis  can  be  found  most  readily  in  an organizational   unit   responsible   for   total management  improvement. The  number  and  complexity  of  the  forms  and  related procedures in an activity determine the number of personnel assigned on a full-time or part-time basis to the  forms  management  function. In a large activity, it may be beneficial to appoint a forms   management   representative   from   each department,   division,   or   other   organizational component. Such representatives act as liaison with the forms  management  officer.  These  representatives  assist the forms management officer in various capacities. They may act as liaison for the submission of proposed new or revised forms. They may be responsible for assisting  in  reviews  and  analyses  of  existing  and proposed forms and related procedures within their organizational units. They may often design the final form.  The  operational  knowledge  provided  by  the representatives in their liaison duties speeds up the process of analysis and helps assure division acceptance of  proposed  improvement.

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