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Page Title: Interviewer's Appraisal Sheet
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Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Figure 7-4A.-Interviewer’s Appraisal Sheet, NAVCRUIT 1100/13 (front).
Block  12  -  TRAFFIC  VIOLATIONS  FOR  WHICH A FINE OR FORFEITURE OF $50 OR LESS WAS IMPOSED:  List  the  date(s)  and  place(s)  of  traffic violations or incidents that resulted in a fine or forfeiture of $50 or lesser penalty was imposed and the disposition of each case. Block 13 - SWIMMING ABILITY: Check either yes or no. Block 14 - ATHLETICS: List all organizations or types  of  activities  (membership  on  athletic  teams, personal fitness programs, outdoor activities, and so forth), dates, and the number of days per month for the past 6 years. Block  15  -  SCHOLARSHIPS,  HONORS  AND AWARDS:  ACADEMIC  AND  ATHLETIC:  List  all awards in the above areas by title and the date received. Block  16  -  EMPLOYMENT:  List  any  employment of 2 months or more after your 16th birthday. For each employment  give  the  employer’s  name,  kind  of  business or organization, your position title to include the amount of   hours   worked   per   week,   number   of   people supervised, the month and year employment started and ended, starting and ending annual salary, reason for leaving employment, and a clear description of your position and your duties and responsibilities. Start with present job. Include information relating to military service. Block 17 - EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: List   all   membership   in   clubs,   societies,   and organizations-professional, religious, or social. Give the  name  of  the  organization,  office  held  (if  any),  and the dates for past 10 years. Block 18 - Check either yes or no for each question. Block 19 - DRUG STATEMENT: Check either yes or no for each question. If yes is answered to any of the questions, provide the following information in block 20 or attach a separate sheet of paper. Describe the circumstances  regarding  drug  use.  Identify  the particular  substance  used,  number  of  times  used,  dates of use, whether ever arrested for use or possession, and whether future use is rejected. Block   20   -   REMARKS:   Use   this   space   for continuation  of  any  block.  For  additional  space,  use  a blank piece of paper. Each blank piece of paper used must contain your name and social security number at the top of the page. Block 21 - CERTIFICATION: Before completing this block the applicant is encouraged to review all answers to blocks 1 through 20 to make sure the form is complete and accurate. In block 21 the applicant must date and sign in ink certifying that all the information is true and complete, acknowledging that failure to answer any  correspondence  promptly  or  to  accept  any appointment  tendered  will  subject  application  or appointment  to  cancellation  without  further  notice. INTERVIEWER’S APPRAISAL SHEET Selection  of  the  best  qualified  applicants  for  officer training is a matter of vital importance to the U.S. Navy. The  problem  of  selection  is  to  find  those  measurements presently available that will predict future performance of the applicant. One such tool is the interview, the primary  objective  of  which  is  to  determine  if  the applicant  possesses  those  personal  characteristics desired in a naval officer. In addition to its use as a selection  technique,  the  interview  has  secondary functions  that  should  be  kept  in  mind.  It  provides  an opportunity to inform the applicant of the details of the program for which he or she is applying, the training he or  she  will  receive,  and  the  opportunity  to  answer questions, all of which enable the interviewer to make judgments  based  upon  the  applicant’s  reaction.  In addition, it serves to establish a friendly relationship; that is, to instill a favorable Navy image that can, and often does, pay dividends at a later date, regardless of whether the applicant is selected. Information  for  completing  the  Interviewer's Appraisal  Sheet,  NAVCRUIT  1100/13,  is  located  on  the reverse side of the form (figs. 7-4A and 7-4B). The form is  pretty  much  self-explanatory.  Written  interview results should not be recorded during the course of the interview. However, each interviewer must evaluate carefully  and  impartially  the  characteristics  of  the applicant before he or she leaves the room and while the details of the interview are still fresh in his or her mind. If the candidate’s second language is English, the comments must include a statement as to the applicant’s ability  to  communicate  in  English. Appraisal forms that are legibly handwritten in ink are  acceptable. 7-13

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