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Page Title: Manpower Authorization
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Superiors in Chain of Command
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Designation of Billets for Enslisted Women
consultants are listed in the Manual of Navy Officer Manpower and Personnel Classifications,  volumes I and II, NAVPERS 15839-G. To assist CNO and BUPERS in executing their responsibilities  with  regard  to  enlisted  manpower  and personnel,  enlisted  rating  advisors  are  designated  from among   the   Deputy   Chiefs   of   Naval   Operations, commanders of systems commands, and heads of other offices  as  required.  Each  rating  and  Navy  enlisted classification (NEC) code is assigned a primary advisor and,  if  necessary,  a  technical  advisor  to  provide operational and technical expertise in the occupational areas in which a rating is involved. The assigned enlisted rating/NEC advisors we listed in volumes I and II of the Manual of Navy Enlisted Manpower and Personnel Classifications  and  Occupational  Standards,  NAVPERS 18068-F. MANPOWER AUTHORIZATION Whenever  significant  change  requests  are approved,  OPNAV  prepares  and  distributes  a  new Manpower   Authorization,   OPNAV   Form   1000/2. However, minor changes inmost cases do not justify the cost of the printing and distribution of a new form. In these cases most of the data reflected in the officer billets authorized may be verified by checking the Officer Distribution  Control  Report  (ODCR). Note the transaction number on the ODCR and compare  it  with  the  transaction  number  on  your activity’s latest MPA. If the number is different, a minor change has been probably approved that did not warrant reprinting a new MPA. Block  descriptions  for  the  OPNAV  Form  1000/2  are located in the  Manual of Navy Total Force Manpower, OPNAVINST   1000.16G.   All   codes   used   in   the Manpower Authorization, 0PNAV Form 1000/2, and the  Manpower  Authorization  Change  Requests, OPNAV   1000/4A,   are   located   in   the   following documents: l  Manual  of  Navy  Total  Force  Manpower  Policies and  Procedures,  OPNAVINST   1000.16G .  Manual  of  Navy  Officer  Manpower  and Personnel  Classification,  volume  I,  NAVPERS  15839 l  Manual  of  Navy  Enlisted  Manpower  and Personnel  Classification  and  Occupational  Standards, volume I, Occupational  Standards  (OCCSTDs)  and volume  II,  Navy  Enlisted  Classifications   (NECs), NAVPERS 18068-F. l Enlisted Transfer Manual,  NAVPERS  15909-D . Required Functional Category (RFC) Directory l Department of the Navy Civilian Personnel Data System (NCPDS),  SECNAVINST  12298.1A l Civil Service Handbook BILLET  REQUIREMENTS  REVIEW Proper   classification   of   authorized   billets   is extremely important in managing the Navy’s overall manpower and personnel resources. The numbers of billets  throughout  form  the  basis  for  strength  planning, recruiting,  training,  and  promoting  military  personnel. Billet reviews are conducted periodically at the CNO level. In these reviews, decisions are made based on the existing classification of each billet as indicated on MPAs. Billets that are improperly classified become the lowest priority billets in the category in which they are  classified.  Consequently,  if  the  objective  is  to  delete or  redistribute  billets,  the  billets  improperly  classified are  prime  candidates  for  deletion  or  reprogramming. The billet requirements and billet classifications within  each  Navy  activity  should  be  specifically reviewed at the activity level annually to guarantee the deletion  of  unnecessary  billets  and  the  proper classification  of  each  authorized  billet.  If  changes  are required, a Manpower Authorization Change Request, OPNAV Form 1000/4A, should be submitted. Valid  requirements  for  billet  changes  that  will require  the  movement  of  personnel  should  be  identified and requested as early as feasible to permit orderly personnel  management.  Normally,  12  months  are required  after  final  billet  approval  before  new  or changed billets can be filled with personnel. Compensation should normally be required for the requesting  activity,  manpower  claimant,  or  subspecialty consultant for approval of the following: l Increase in the number of billets. . Increase in the billet paygrade. . Billet designator or rating change. .  Increase  in  graduate  education  subspecialty requirements. These requirements must be prioritized to assist the manpower claimant and CNO in decisions in the event the request can be only partially approved. .   Special   categories,   such   as geographic  locations,  and  counselors. headquarters, 8-5

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