Quantcast Per Diem Under the Lodgings-Plus System

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Page Title: Per Diem Under the Lodgings-Plus System
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Temporary Additional Duty Travel Allowances
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Essential Unit Messing
the operating expenses of the POC, the member receives MALT for the official distance of the ordered travel plus per diem for the allowance travel time (TT). The MALT rate is based on the type of conveyance used as shown in table 9-1. Reimbursement of parking fees, ferry fares, road, bridges, and tunnel tolls for travel over the most direct  route  between  the  stations  involved  is  also authorized. PER DIEM UNDER THE LODGINGS-PLUS SYSTEM The formula for computing per diem under the lodgings-plus  system  is  as  follows: . Daily lodging cost + M&IE - deductions - per diem  allowance. .  The  amount  calculated  must  not  exceed  the applicable locality per diem rate. The rates listed in the JFTR, volume 1, appendixes B and D, are the maximum per diem rates prescribed for reimbursing expenses incurred  during  official  travel. Lodging  Expense Lodging  expense  is  based  on  the  availability  of government quarters. The amount allowed is the actual amount incurred or the maximum amount prescribed in the JFTR, volume 1, whichever is less. Some factors considered  in  determining  allowable  lodging  expenses are as follows: . Receipts for lodging are required to support a member’s travel claim. If receipts are lost or destroyed or  impractical  to  obtain,  the  traveler  furnishes  a statement to that effect to support payment of the travel voucher. l   Lodging   cost   includes   charges   paid   for government quarters and commercial lodging facilities (hotels,   motels,   and   boarding   houses)   including applicable  taxes  imposed,  but  does  not  include  tips  or porter  fees. l Lodging expenses are based on the single room rate when a member uses commercial lodging facilities. . If a lodging receipt shows a charge for double occupancy and the other person sharing the room is a member or government employee on official travel, the traveler is allowed one-half of the double occupancy charge. If the other person is not on official travel, the traveler is allowed the single room rate. The rate is required to provide the single room rate. l No cost for lodging is allowed if a member stays with friends or relatives while on TAD or TDY. This is regardless of whether or not payment of lodging is made to the friend of relative. Additional instructions on lodging expenses are listed in the JFTR, volume 1, paragraph U4125. Meals and Incidental Expenses The  M&IE  are  based  on  the  availability  of government  mess  and  apportioned  as  follows:  breakfast (BR),  lunch  (LU),  dinner  (DI),  and  incidental  (IN) expense  rates  as  shown  in  table  9-1.  The  current amounts, including apportionment, are listed in the JFTR, appendix B, part II, for outside CONUS and appendix D, part II, for inside CONUS. The dollar amounts in parentheses are used to reduce or increase the M&IE rate when government mess is available and the member is charged the full rate for each meal taken in  the  government  mess. Using the M&IE rate for inside CONUS in table 9-1 and assuming that a government mess is available to the member,  the  M&IE  allowance  is  determined  as  follows: $5.00 (BR) +5.00 (LU) +14.00 (DI) $24.00 (Meal  portion) -11.25 (Total  amounts  in  parentheses) $12.75 (Adjusted  meal  portion) +2.00 (IN) $14.75 (M&IE  allowance  when  a  government mess  is  available) Let us go further and assume that a government mess is available, but due to the nature of duty, use of two  meals  (BR  and  LU)  is  impractical.  The  M&IE allowance is determined as follows: $14.75 (M&IE rate when a government mess is available) +2.25 (Total amounts in parentheses for BR and  LU) $17.00 (M&IE allowance when a government mess is available but use of two meals is  impractical) Now you know how to determine M&IE when a government  mess  is  available  and  the  member  is 9-3

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